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    360 Counter: User Guide

    • Product: 360 Counter

    Where can I find a 360 Counter User Guide?

    This User Guide outline below contains links to information throughout the Support Center on how to use 360 Counter.
    If you haven't used 360 Counter before, a better place to begin is the Getting Started guide.
    If you have other questions about 360 Counter that aren't answered by information found here, you can search the rest of the Support Center using the Search function above.
    And you can always contact us for personalized help! Use the Support Portal option near the top of this page, or call us at one of our worldwide telephone numbers.

    360 Counter User Guide

    To read about a particular subject, click the title and you'll be taken to the document elsewhere in the Support Center that addresses that subject.
  • Overview of 360 Counter and Project COUNTER
  • Supported Project COUNTER Compliant Usage Statistics Reports
  • New Counter Reporting Interface on the Intota Assessment Platform
  • Getting Started Guide
  • 360 Counter Setup
  • Adding Usage Data into 360 Counter
  • SUSHI-Protocol Harvesting
  • Administration-Based Harvesting
  • Timeframe for Uploading COUNTER Reports
  • Data Retrieval Service (DRS): Status Report
  • Data Retrieval Service (DRS): Provider Updates
  • Data Retrieval Service (DRS): Same Data from Both Vendors and Hosting Platforms
  • Data Retrieval Service (DRS) - FAQs
  • Data Retrieval Service (DRS) and Providers Requiring Two-Factor Authentication
  • Retrieving Your Vendor s Usage Statistics Manually
  • Uploading Usage Reports to 360 Counter
  • After Uploading: Validating the Report
  • Deleting a Usage Report
  • Uploading Non-COUNTER-Compliant Usage Data
  • 360 Counter: Replace an Existing Usage Statistics Report
  • Finding Duplicate Titles in Usage-Data Reports to be Uploaded
  • Forcing Counter to Ignore 'Totals' Row in an Uploaded Report
  • Editing/Removing Duplicate Titles from Uploaded SUSHI Reports
  • Vendor Statistics Metadata
  • Assigning Weights to Journals
  • Adding Cost and Payment Data into 360 Counter
  • Cost Reports
  • Using the Cost Details Report as a Cost Data Upload Template
  • Consolidated Reports
  • Cost and Usage Data Upload Schedule
  • Using the Functionality in your Consolidated Usage and Cost Reports (For example: Navigating the data in a report; Creating a customized version of a report)
  • Subscriptions to Consolidated Reports
  • Usage Cell is Blank in a Consolidated Report
  • Build Your Own Reports
  • How Cost Per Use is Calculated
  • Additional Support

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