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    Intota Assessment: Deselection Reports

    • Product: Intota

    What can you tell me about the data in these reports?

    Deselection Reports let you apply search criteria to enable "smart weeding" of your collection by identifying low usage titles based on a variety of available filters.

    The below reports include the following information:
    • Report: The report name
    • Data Source: Where the data is coming from. If the report includes multiple sources, the most pertinent source is listed
    • Notes: Useful information about the report

    To learn about using report features such as moving columns and saving customizations, see Using the Reports.


  • Ebook Available (i.e. yes/no the print title is also published in Ebook format)
  • Award
  • Book Review

  • Usage column

    By default, each row in the report includes all items (copies) that have the same Acquisition Date, so sometimes the Usage column may display a number greater than the number you selected for the report filter.
    • To remove the consolidation by Acquisition Date so that 1 row always displays usage for only 1 item, use the Title Level / Item Level drop-down menu at the top of the report. The Item Level view of the report will display 1 holding per row, with item-level IDs displaying in the Holding Item ID column.

    Cost Data

    ILS cost data (if uploaded into Intota Assessment) displays in addition to MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price).

    ** Local call numbers can be included in this report. See the September 2015 note below this table.

    Report Data Source Notes
    Ebook Deselection
    Intota or Client Center, Books In Print.

    Books in Print matches to Intota / Client Center titles based on ISBN.

    Title information includes Books in Print data; see Books In Print (BIP) Data notes below for Print Deselection report.

    Print Deselection (Item Level) Books In Print (or Library s bibliographic records if proper identifier is not available).

    Filter the report in a variety of ways such as:
    • By usage (based on library's circulation records)
    • By library collection in which the item is located (based on library's holdings records)
    • By titles held / not held in Ebook format (based on your Intota / Client Center profile)
    • By titles held / not held by RCL (Resources for College Libraries)

    Books In Print (BIP) Data

    BIP data includes:
    • ISBN
    • MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)
    • Format
    • Publication Date
    • Status
      • In Print (multiple In Print statuses exist, most common is Active Record)
      • Out of Print (multiple Out of Print statuses exist, most common are Out of Print, Out of Stock Indefinitely, and Remaindered)
      • Forthcoming

    ** As of September 2015, local call numbers can display in addition to Library of Congress and Dewey numbers from Books In Print. If you have previously provided ILS Data, you have included the Local Call No column in the Print Deselection report display, and the Local Call No column is empty, we currently do not have your local call numbers mapped.

    Additional Information

    For topics related to data setup and maintenance, see the Intota Assessment User Guide. Note: 360 Counter users should see the 360 Counter User Guide; libraries managing their profile in Intota should see the Assessment section of the Intota User Guide.

    • Date Created: 28-Apr-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 20-Oct-2016
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