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    For more information, watch Collection.

    The Collection is Leganto's citation manager. To view your collection, select Collection from the hamburger icon clipboard_eb7c81eb5aed9fc2f21a30d1d5dccf37f.png.

    Leganto's citation manager, Collection window.


    The main menu appears at the left at the top of the list. Use the other icons to:

    • Sort the list by date added, title, or author.
    • Refresh the list.
    • Filter the list by tags (see Managing Collection Tags) or by material type. If you select a filter, select X in the filtered by line to remove the filter.

      The Collection filter window used to filter by tags or by types.

      Collection filters
    • Filter the list by search criteria.

    Adding an Item or Citation to Collection

    You can add an item from the library, or manually, in the same way that you add these to a reading list. Leganto supports importing files in the RIS, BibTex, and reference file formats. Reference files are any files that include references, such as a bibliography section in an essay.

    Files can be imported to the reading list, section, and citation levels by selecting the Import menu item.

    The following table shows Leganto's RIS field mapping format.

    RIS Field Mapping Format
    RIS Field Leganto Field
    A2 rlterms_additionalPersonName
    A3 rlterms_additionalPersonName
    A4 rlterms_additionalPersonName
    AU creator
    CY rlterms_placeOfPublication
    DA date
    Y1 date
    DO doi
    EP end_page
    ET rlterms_edition
    J2 rlterms_journalTitle
    N1 rlterms_note
    PB publisher
    PY date
    RN rlterms_note
    SN identifier_isbn
    SN2 identifier_issn
    SP start_page
    T1 title
    T2 rlterms_journalTitle
    T3 rlterms_journalTitle
    TI title
    UR source
    VL rlterms_volumePartNumber
    IS rlterms_issue

    See Adding a Citation from the Library and Adding a Citation Manually.

    Adding an Item or Citation to Collection from the Menu

    To add an item or citation to Collection from the menu:
    1. At the reading list, section, or citation level, select the ellipsis and select Import.

      Select Import from a reading list, section, or citation level.

      Import files

      Selecting Import displays the Import Batch pane.

      The Import Batch screen.

      Import Batch pane
    2. Select an import Type.
    3. Drag files or browse your hard drive to import RIS, BibTex, or reference files into the Import Batch pane.
    4. When you have included all the required files, select SAVE.

    Adding an Item from the Collection Ellipses

    Note that you can also import RIS, BibTex, or reference files from the Collection ellipses.

    To add an item from the Collection ellipses:

    1. From the Collection main menu, select Import.

      Import from the Collection screen.

      Importing files from the Collection menu
    2. Drag a file into the Batch Import from the Citation Manager screen or browse for one.
    3. When you have included all the required files, select CLOSE.

      A Batch Import from the Citation Manager screen.png

      Batch Import from Citation Manager screen

    To add a citation from a reading list to your Collection, see Copying Citations.

    For more information on importing items, see Exporting or Printing a Reading ListExporting or Printing a Section, and Exporting Selected Items from a Collection.

    Copying a Collection Item to a Reading List

    See Adding a Citation from Collection or a Citation Manager.

    Deleting Items from Collection

    To delete a single item from a Collection, select Delete from collection from the item menu at the right of the item and select OK from the confirmation dialog box.

    Deleting an item from a collection.

    Collection - Delete item option

    To delete multiple items, select the checkboxes to the left of each citation, select Delete selected items in the Collection main menu, and select OK in the confirmation dialog box. This action cannot be undone.

    Deleting multiple items from a collection.

    Collection - Delete option

    The Collection delete confirmation screen.

    Collection delete confirmation

    Exporting Selected Items from a Collection

    You can export selected items from My Collection in various formats by selecting Export > <format> or Print in the Collection main menu. You can export to DOC (Microsoft Word), PDF, XLS (Microsoft Excel), RIS, or ENW (EndNote) formats. If you export to RIS format, you, or any user who has access to the exported list, can import the list to Collection at a later time.

    The Collection export options menu.

    Collection - Export option

    If you export to DOC format, you can select a bibliographic style before saving the file. See Editing or Printing a Reading List.

    Managing Collection Tags

    You can add tags to items in your Collection. Tags can contain most printable characters but cannot contain spaces.

    To add tags to an item that has no tags, select the add tags icon my_collection_tags_icon.png.


     Collection - Add tags to collection

    To remove tags, select the delete tags icon clipboard_e1831da6b35424f6aa72cbf43f6428644.png.

    The Collection delete tags option.

    Collection - Remove tag

    Suggesting an Item from a Collection for a Reading List

    To suggest an item from a Collection for a reading list, select Suggest this item in the item menu. Select the list in the Select a list for your suggestion pane and select ADD SUGGESTION. The items appear in the reading list's Suggestions pane (see Adding a Suggested Citation).

    The Collection Suggest this item option.

    My Collection - Suggest this item option

    The Select a list for your suggestion option.

    Select a list for your suggestion pane

    For more information, watch Encouraging Student Engagement.

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