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    Leganto Release Notes August 2017

    New and Changed Leganto Features

    The following features are new or changed in this month's release of Leganto.

    Reading List Subjects

    You can now add subjects to reading lists, the same way that you add tags to sections and citations. Unlike tags, subjects are pre-defined by Ex Libris. Click Add Subjects to start adding subjects; if you already defined subjects, click the edit icon to edit the subjects. Enter a letter ot two and select a subject from the drop-down list. Click X to the right of the subject to remove it. When you are done, click Save.
    Add Subjects to Reading List
    A Subject filter was added to the Find Lists page.
    Find Lists Page
    The subjects are as follows:
    Aeronautics Aesthetics Agriculture Air Force Almanacs
    Anarchism Angling Animal Husbandry Animal Science Anthropology
    Aquaculture Arboriculture Archaeology Architecture Archives
    Armor Army Art Artillery Astronautics
    Astronomy Atlas Bahaism Bible Bibliography
    Biography Biology Books Botanic Botany
    Bridges Buddhism Building Construction Canon Law Cartography
    Cavalry Chemical Technology Chemistry Christianity Civil Engineering
    Classical Studies Collected Work Collections Colonization Commerce
    Communication Communism Community Criminology Decorative Art
    Demography Dentistry Dermatology Design Dictionaries
    Diplomatics Directories Doctrinal Theology Drawing Eclectic Medicine
    Economic History Economic Theory Education Education Theory Electrical Engineering
    Electronics Emigration Encyclopedias Engineering Environmental Science
    Environmental Technology Epigraphy Ethics Family Finance
    Fisheries Folklore Forestry Genealogy General Work
    Geography Geology Gynecology and Obstetrics Heraldry Highway Engineering
    History History of Civilization History of Education Homeopathy Horticulture
    Human Anatomy Human Ecology Humanities Hunting Hydraulic Engineering
    Illustration Indexes Industry Infantry Information Resources
    Inscriptions Instruction and Study International Law International Migration International Relations
    Islam Judaism Jurisprudence Labor Law
    Leisure Libraries Linguistic Literature Literature on Music
    Local Government Logic Manners and Customs Map Marine Engineering
    Marines Marriage Mathematical Geography Mathematics Medicine
    Metallurgy Microbiology Military Engineering Military Science Mining Engineering
    Modern Languages Motor Vehicles Municipal Government Museums Music
    Mythology Natural History Naval Science Newspapers Nuclear Engineering
    Numismatics Nursing Ocean Engineering Oceanography Ophthalmology
    Otorhinolaryngology Painting Paleography Pathology Pediatrics
    Periodicals Pharmacology Philology Philosophy Physical Geography
    Physics Physiology Plant Breeding Plant Propagation Political Science
    Political Theory Practical Theology Print Media Psychology Public Welfare
    Race Rationalism Recreation Reference Work Religions
    Religious Law Sanitary Engineering Science Sculpture Seals
    Series Shipbuilding Silviculture Social Class Social History
    Socialism Social Pathology Social Problem Social Reform Social Science
    Society Sociology Statistics Surgery Technical Chronology
    Technology Theosophy Therapeutics Transportation Visual Art
    Women and Sexuality Writing Yearbooks Zoology

    Additional Leganto Features

    The following additional changes were made in this month's release:
    • When adding a section to a reading list, the section is now added to the end of the list (instead of the top). When duplicating a section, the section is added after the one that is being duplicated. This behavior can be configured by an Alma parameter; see Additional Alma Configurations.
    • When exporting a reading list to a PDF, the PDF now contains section and citation tags, as well as the public note.
    • When adding or editing a citation, the field Notes was moved to More Item Details and was changed to Resource Notes, in order to distinguish it from the citation's public note. This field name was also changed on the Citation page.
    • When enabled by your library, you can now include search results without full text access when searching for items in Primo Central.
      Include Records Without Full-Text Access
    • You can now add a citation public note when using Cite It! or when manually adding a citation.
      Cite It! Pane
    • You can now copy the reading list permalink by hovering your mouse over the reading list name and clicking the permalink icon that appears. A popup appears. Use your mouse to copy the permalink or click Copy to Clipboard. To close the popup, click the permalink icon.
      Permalink Icon
    • The call number no longer appears in parentheses.
      Call Number

    New Alma Configurations

    The following features were added to Alma to support Leganto features in this release.
    For additional Leganto-related Alma changes in this release, see Fulfillment - August 2017 Enhancements.

    Additional Alma Configurations

    Resolved Issues

    The following issues were resolved in this release:
    • (URM-72537) Clicking Associate to DCS resulted in an error. This was fixed.
    • (URM-72562) Some duplicated wording was removed from Creative Commons license information.
    • (URM-72701) When moving a citation within a list, the last updated date is now updated.
    • (URM-73183) The Welcome pages were missing descriptor text for accessibility purposes. Text was added to these pages.
    • (URM-73421) The resource icon graphics were of low quality. They were fixed.
    • (URM-74331) There were several small formatting issues when exporting a reading list in Harvard style. These were fixed.
    • (URM-74593) The fonts in the "Appears in other reading lists" popup were inconsistent with the UI. This was fixed.
    • (URM-74762) Sorting reading lists by course name did not sort correctly. This was fixed.
    • (URM-74865) The source URL for a web page citation did not appear when exporting a reading list in APA format. This was fixed.
    • (URM-75375) When adding a citation in Leganto using a library search, pages information (300 $a) was not inherited. When editing the citation for copyright, the total pages value remained empty. This was fixed.
    • (URM-75604, URM-75761) There were some UI issues and a translation issue when viewing a reading list with the UI language set to Hebrew. These were fixed.
    • (URM-75753, URM-75794) Some grammatical errors were fixed in the UI.
    • (URM-75791) The last character in a public note was partially covered by the graphic. This was fixed.
    • (URM-75854) In some situations, citations or sections overlapped in the UI. This was fixed.
    • (URM-75905, URM-76116) There were some thumbnail resolution issues. These were fixed.
    • (URM-76982) Text book links for citations originating from ProQuest eBook Central were not working. These were fixed.

    Next Month Sneak Peek

    Features scheduled for next month include:
    • Archive reading lists
    • Edit course code in Alma
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