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    Primo VE August 2020 Release Notes

    Download a PDF of the Release Notes.

    Upcoming Issues to Note

    Upgrade to OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) and DV (Data Visualization)

    As part of the platform upgrade, the OBI that Primo VE Analytics uses is being upgraded to OAS (Oracle Analytics Server), which includes DV (Data Visualization). As many in the Ex Libris community are aware, the original plan was to upgrade to OBI 12. However, on January 31, 2020, Oracle replaced OBI 12 with OAS (Oracle Analytics Server). To read the OAS Upgrade Q&A, click here.

    The following table details the rollout plan for the OAS:

    Environment Freeze Start Date OAS Go-Live Date


    June 17

    June 21


    July 13

    July 19


    July 13

    July 26 (updated from 22.7)


    July 13

    July 26

    CA01, AP01

    August 23

    August 30 


    August 30 

    September 6

    EU00, EU01, EU02

    October 11

    October 18

    NA04, NA05, NA06, NA07, CN01

    November 1

    November 8 

    You may need to take certain steps prior to migration. See Ensuring Reports are Migrated

    September Sneak Peek

    • My Library Card - User Activity Indicator for Consortia – Allows users to see which institutions have loan activity.

    • Improve the display of Alma Digital Special Representations in Primo VE – Allows users to filter representations by year and issue.

    • Easy Selection of recently used search scopes – Allow users to quickly navigate to their last used scopes.


    New Action - Export to Excel

    August 2020 - NERS Enhancement (ID #6190)URM-121609
    The new Export to Excel action allows users to download information (which includes all enabled display fields and a permalink) for one or more records to a .csv or .xlsx file.

    Title,Creator,Is Part Of,Subject,MESH subjects,Genre,Contents,Other title,Related titles,Series,Publisher,Creation Date,Edition,Format,Source,Identifier,Donation Info,Audience,Course Information,Permalink
    Dinner illustrated : 175 meals ready in 1 hour or less ,"America's Test Kitchen (Firm), editor. ",,Dinner and dining; Quick and easy cooking; Cookbooks; COOKING / Courses & Dishes / General; COOKING / Methods / General; COOKING / Reference,,,Includes index.,,,,"Boston, MA : America's Test Kitchen",2018,,300 pages cm,Library Catalog,LC :   2017055764; ISBN : 9781945256301 (paperback),,,,

    A Single Record Saved to a CSV File

    This action is supported in the following areas of the UI:

    • Brief Results page – Users can either export a single record or select and export a maximum of 50 records in bulk to a file.


      Export to Excel Action on the Brief Results Page (Bulk Selection)
    • Full Display page – Users can export the record to a file.

    • My Favorites > Saved Records – Users can either export a single record or select and export one or more records in bulk to a file.

    • My Library Card > Loans and Requests – Users can either export a single record or select and export one or more records in bulk to a file.

    After selecting the Export to Excel action in UI, users will have the option to download the results to a file using one of the following file types: .csv or .xlsx.


    Select File Type to Download

    When using the CSV file type for non-Latin languages, we recommend that you use Notepad to open the file, but if you prefer to use Excel, make sure that you use UTF-8 encoding.

    Configuration Options

    This action is disabled by default. The following table lists the configuration settings that are associated with this functionality.

    Element Description

    Brief Record Display tab on the View Configuration page

    The Excel action has been added under the Record Actions section to allow you to enable the new Export to Excel action, set its position, and set whether it is an up-front action.

    Keeping This Item Tile Labels code table

    The following codes have been added to support the customization and translation of the associated labels in the UI:

    • fulldisplay.command.pushto.option.ExcelExport to Excel

    • fulldisplay.command.pushto.option.Excel.FileTypeFile Type

    • nui.Excel.tooltipProcessing file...

    Analytics - Export to Excel Action

    To support this functionality, the following actions have been added to the Action Usage subject area:

    Group Subgroup Action Description



    Excel export

    The user has exported to Excel by selecting the Export to Excel action for a specific record.

    Results List

    Records Bulk

    Send bulk of records to Excel

    The user has exported results to Excel using the bulk file selection method.

    Allow Multiple Conditions for Local Resource Types

    August 2020 URM-112362
    This enhancement allows you to map source records to a local resource type based on a maximum of four MARC/DC conditions instead of a single condition. When multiple conditions are defined, all must be true to assign the local resource type to the record.

    Configuration Options

    To support this functionality, the Add Condition option has been added to both of the mapping sections on the Local Resource Types page (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Local Resource Types) allows. For more details, see Configuring Local Resource Types for Primo VE.


    Add Conditions to Local Resource Type Mapping

    Purchase Request Alert Form - Match Found Notification

    August 2020 URM-110753
    For purchase requests that originate from a blank Purchase Request Form, the system will now notify users immediately that a requested item already exists in the library, allowing users to select from the following options after submitting a purchase request that contains a matching ISBN or eISBN:

    • View the record – Allows users to view the item to see if it is the same as the one they are requesting.

    • Yes – Continues with the request as submitted.

    • No – Cancels the submittal of the request.


    Item Already Held by Library

    Configuration Options

    This functionality is enabled by default. To disable it, set the PR_indicate_for_primo_if_isbn_is_exist customer parameter in Alma (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > General > Other Settings) to false.

    In addition, the following codes were added to the Purchase Request Labels code table to allow the customization and translation of the labels used for this functionality:

    • almaPurchaseRequest.isbnExistA match for the identifier was found: {{link to the identifier}}
    • almaPurchaseRequest.submitDo you still want to submit the request?
    • almaPurchaseRequest.approveRequest.yes: Yes
    • No
    • View the record

    Analytics - Requested Item Already Exists

    To support this functionality, the following action been added to the Action Usage subject area:

    Group Subgroup Action Description



    Click on link to record from blank Purchase Request

    During a purchase request, the user selected the link to view the record already held by the library.

    New Look for Blank Purchase Request and Resource Sharing Forms

    August 2020 URM-114168
    The look of the Blank Purchase Request and Resource Sharing Request forms has been narrowed to improve the visibility and usage of the forms.


    New Look of Purchase Request Form

    Increase Maximum Number of Local Fields

    August 2020 URM-129551
    This enhancement increases the maximum number of local fields from 50 to 100. For consortia, local_field_51 through local_field_100 can be centrally defined with the NZ and distributed to member institutions. For more information, see Allow Consortia to Manage Local Fields Centrally.

    Allow Consortia to Manage Local Fields Centrally

    August 2020 URM-59244
    For consortia, this enhancement allows the NZ to manage local fields centrally for distribution to member institutions at the IZ level. To support this functionality, local_field_51 through local_field_100 have been added for this purpose (see Increase Maximum Number of Local Fields). Prior to distribution, the NZ will have the ability to decide whether to override a member institution's customizations of a local field in the IZ. 

    • The NZ and member institutions can still use local_field_1 through local_field_50 as they had previously.

    • When local fields are used for facets and search, member institutions can have a maximum of 10 locally defined fields and 10 centrally defined fields.

    Configuration Options

    The following table lists the configuration settings that are supported in the NZ and member institutions (IZ) for this functionality.

    Element Description
    Configuration in NZ:

    Manage Display and Local Fields page

    For each local field that you want to manage centrally (local_field_51 through local_field_100 only):

    1. Select Distribute.


      Distribute Local Field to Member Institutions
    2. Select a distribution option:

      • Do not override member institution customization – When selected, the local field is distributed only to member institutions that are not using the selected local field or that have already inherited it from the NZ and have not customized it.

      • Override member institution customization – When selected, the local field is distributed to all member institutions and will override any customizations made to that local field in the IZ.

    Monitor Jobs > Scheduled Jobs page

    You can use the Distribute network local field <local_field_number> to members job to monitor the progress and history of a local field's distribution to member institutions.


    Monitor Distribution of Local Field

    In addition to the overall status information (such as status and start and end timestamp), this job's report includes the following result statuses per member institution:

    • Field was distributed – Indicates that this local field did not exist previously for this member and has been distributed.

    • Field already exists and was not distributed – Indicates that this local field already exists in the member institution, and it could not be distributed because the Override member institution customization option was not selected for the local field.

    • Field already exists and was overridden with network data – Indicates that this local field already exists in the member institution, and either the Override member institution customization option was selected or the field was last modified by the network distribution job.

    • Failed to distribute field data – Indicates that an internal error occurred during the distribution process. If this result appears, the job status will be set to Completed with warnings.


    Report for Local Field's Distribution Job
    Configuration in Member Institutions (IZ):

    Manage Display and Local Fields page

    If the distribution was successful from the NZ, the local field will appear in the list of local fields on this page. Local fields added from the NZ can be identified by the Updated by field which will have a value of Network.


    Local Field Inherited from NZ

    Enhance Discovery Import for Loading Externally Held Physical Records

    August 2020 URM-98098
    Previously, all records that were imported from external data sources were treated as online resources only. With this enhancement, customers can identify records as physical resources and create a request link for these resources. For external physical resources, you will see the following information displayed in Primo VE:

    • A customer-defined link to the external physical source will appear under the Links section in the record's full display.

    • The following Availability statuses will appear in the record's brief display:

      • Check holdings – Displays if the record is an external physical record only.

      • Available at <location> and other locations – Displays for Dedup records that combine both an Alma physical record and an external physical record.

    • The Available in library facet will include external physical records.

    Configuration Options 

    The Link to Request section has been added to the Delivery tab on the Import Profile Details page to allow customers to create either a static URL for the request link or a template that utilizes fields in the record to create the request link for the external physical resource.


    New Link to Request Section

    Allow Resource Sharing Requests with Available Electronic Inventory

    August 2020 URM-125967
    Previously, resource sharing requests were permitted only from the How to get it section on the record's Full Display page when the record had no electronic or physical holdings in the library. With this enhancement, you can now allow users to request physical items from other libraries also when the resource is only available electronically in the library.


    Allow Resource Sharing when Electronic Services Available

    If display logic rules in Alma prevent resource sharing requests, the How to get it section will still display, but it will include the following message:


    Resource Sharing Disabled

    Configuration Options

    This functionality is disabled by default. To enable it, set the discovery_display_resource_sharing_when_electronic_available customer parameter to true on the Discovery Customer Settings page (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Other > Customer Settings).

    The following code was added to the GetIT! Tab1 Labels code table to support the customization and translation of this functionality:

    brief.results.tabs.Get_it_from_other_locations_no_servicesNo available services for this item

    Define Peer Reviewed Facet in Local Catalog

    August 2020 URM-127290
    Previously, only central index materials where included in the Peer Reviewed facet. This enhancement increases the visibility and navigation of local peer reviewed materials by allowing local records with the following indication to be included and filtered with the Peer Reviewed value of the Availability facet:

    • DC: The dcterms:instructionalMethod field is set to Refereed/Peer-reviewed. Note this needs to be added for display, as well.

    • MARC: The 500 $a subfield is set to Refereed/Peer-reviewed.

    For new and updated records, this will be effective immediately, but for existing records, the change will not be completed until we run the Primo VE semi-annual indexing, which is planned to start with the August release and be completed by September. For more details, see Release and Maintenance Schedule.

    Display Access Model in Primo VE

    August 2020 URM-126065
    When this functionality is enabled for discovery in Alma and the resource has public access model information defined for the portfolio, Primo VE will now display the access model information.


    Access Model Field on the Full Display Page

    Configuration Options

    This following table lists the configuration settings associated with this functionality.

    Element Description

    Other Settings Page in Alma (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Other Settings)

    Select the Enable Display of Access Model field to display public access model information in the record's Full display page in Primo VE. If no information is defined, the field will not display in Primo VE.

    Electronic Portfolio Editor in Alma

    The Public access model field in the Acquisition tab contains the access model information that displays in Primo VE. For more information, see Editing a Portfolio Using the Electronic Portfolio Editor.

    View It Labels code table in Primo VE (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Labels)

    The following code was added to allow the customization and translation of the Access Model field on the Full Display page in Primo VE:

    fulldisplay.accessModel: Access Model

    Update UNIMARC Normalization for Creation Date Facet

    August 2020 URM-128237
    This enhancement improves the display of the UNIMARC Creation Date facet. To support this improvement, the following changes have been made to the Creation Date Facet/Search normalization rules:

    • Added 620 $i, 214 $d, and 210 $h.

    • Removed 207 $a.

    Mobile Device Usability Improvements to My Favorites

    August 2020 PRM-33487
    A Filter icon has been added to the Saved Records tab in My Favorites to allow users who are using mobile devices to sort and filter their saved searches by specific labels.


    New Filter Icon for Mobile Devices

    Selecting the Filter icon opens the Tweak my saved records page, which allows users to select/clear labels and to specify one of the following sort types: Author, Date added, or Title


    New Tweak My Saved Records Page for Mobile Devices

    Configuration Options

     This capability is enabled out of the box. The following table lists additional configurations that are associated with this functionality.

    Option Description

    Results Tile Labels code table

    The following code was added to support the new section for mobile devices:

    nui.sortAndlabels.titleTweak my saved records


    Aria Labels code table

    The following code was added to support accessibility for this functionality:

    nui.aria.sortAndlabelsTweak my saved records

    Ongoing Primo VE Analytics Improvements (August)

    August 2020 PRM-42972
    Improved the following issues with the Primo VE Zero Result Searches Report in Primo VE Analytics:

    • False zero results – In some cases, no results were sent for a search query that did have results..

    • Missing zero results – In some cases, users received no results in the UI, but the searches were not reported or listed in the report. In some cases, customers did not see any reporting of searches with no results.

    Additional Enhancements

    • August 2020 URM-107971
      When stop words are included in search terms, they are no longer highlighted in the search results. For example, the stop word la is not highlighted:


      Stop Word Not Highlighted
    • August 2020 URM-109212
      Previously, for terms that can be both a subject and an author (such as Agatha Christie), you could browse for them only as an Author and not as a Subject. The Name and Subject browse search is now changed by default to work as follows:
      • Browse by Name does not include records containing any matching MARC 600, 610, and 611 fields.

      • Browse by Subject now includes records that contain any matching MARC 600, 610, and 611 fields.

      The related enhancement in Alma was completed in the November 2020 release. For more details, see Enhancements to Name and Subject Bib Heading Browsing.

    Resolved Issues

    • August 2020 URM-98159 SF: 564917, 591864, 655048, 699886, 732008, 852106
      Primo Discovery Search Widget is not compatible with non-Latin characters. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-100425 SF: 624805
      French labels were not displayed as expected. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-100767 SF: 609605, 625998
      Logged in user closing and opening a new browser tab gets signed-out but with request option. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-117378 SF: 728226
      500 error was returned while trying to save a search with multi-level facets. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-118700 SF: 628518
      Citation format for books had the incorrect year. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-121576 SF: 790253
      UNIMARC 215a was corrupted in Primo VE display. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-121848 SF: 759681
      In some cases, specific searches did not show delivery, and Get It failed. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-122435 SF: 794142
      In some cases, the Get It filter partially worked. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-122559 SF: 795520
      Three UNIMARC fields were added to the record's page, but only two of them displayed. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-122957 SF: 844237, 696322, 583600, 820209, 799397, 830743, 854087, 839027, 824897, 819293, 812617, 597207, 630812, 726859, 573383, 815714, 702767, 517263, 805339
      Records associated with a suppressed physical location still appeared in search results. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-123593 SF: 790759
      Links were not appearing for titles. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-124475 SF: 739550
      Suppressed ebook records were shown as Available Online. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-125488 SF: 803249, 838369
      Did You Mean did not run. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-126494 SF: 807276
      The 'Not Needed After' Field in the Resource Sharing Request Form did not appear in 'Date Needed By' field of the created request. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-129574 SF: 838844, 839509
      Unable to add a row to Journal Search Category labels code table. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-130591 SF: 838322, 838322
      Call number in simple search did not work. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-130771 SF: 837261, 837393
      Search section was not enriched with the Alma authority headings. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-132015 SF: 850708, 852380, 853939, 855401
      For consortia, View It was empty in full display for dedup records when there were electronic and physical records in the group, and the displayed record was the one with physical availability. This has been fixed.
    • August 2020 URM-132699 SF: 849130
      Unable to handle U+200E (left-to-right mark) character. This has been fixed.
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