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OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) and DV (Data Visualization)

To learn more about both OAS and DV and how they interact with Alma, Primo VE, Leganto and Esploro, see:

Loading files to DV

The ability to create data sets (subject areas) from files (for example, uploading an Excel file) is supported. However, creating data sets from connections is not supported.

The use of loading files to DV is per user.  For example if user "John Smith" loads a file to a data set then only "John Smith" will be able to see and use this data set. User "Sally Jones" will not have access to the data set created from the file loaded by "John Smith".

Regarding the files used to load into DV to create a data set:

  • The files are for the use of the user who uploaded the file. Sharing the data set created from the files (with the DV Inspect option) is not supported.
  • The files are limited to:
    • 0.5 GB (500 MB) per user and 100 MB per file.
    • 2.5 GB (2500 MB) per institution.

Accessing DV projects

DV projects can be accessed either through the Alma Analytics interface or through the Data Visualization interface. This is explained in depth and graphically at The Catalog and Navigation in Data Visualization and Analytics.

Currently, DV projects:

  • Cannot be used with analytics objects. For example, if you create a DV project, it cannot be used in a scheduled report or widget.
  • Are not accessible using APIs.
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