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OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) and DV (Data Visualization)

The OBI that is used with Ex Libris Higher Education Platform, which includes Alma, Leganto, Esploro and Primo VE, is being upgraded to OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) which includes DV (Data Visualization).

As many in the Ex Libris community are aware, the original plan was to upgrade to OBI 12. However on January 31, 2020 Oracle released OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) to replace the OBI 12. See, for example, Oracle Analytics Server to Replace OBIEE and OAS, OBIEE, and OAC: What's Changed and What Hasn't.

As a result of this upgrade by Oracle, a decision was made that it would be most beneficial to now upgrade to the most advanced version provided by Oracle. 

To view the rollout plan, click here.

To learn more about both OAS and DV and how they interact with Alma, Primo VE, Leganto and Esploro, see:

Until further notice, DV is in Preview mode. While in Preview mode:

  • The use of The DV is per user and it is not supported be put into an analytics object (widget, scheduled report, etc.). Additionally, DV projects are not accessible using APIs.
  • The ability to create data sets (subject areas) from files (for example, uploading an Excel file) is supported. However, creating data sets from connections is not supported.

The following applies to the files that are uploaded to DV as a data set:

  • The files are for the use of the user who uploaded the file. Sharing the data set created from the files (with the DV Inspect option) is not supported.
  • The files are limited to:
    • 0.5 GB (500 MB) per user and 100 MB per file
    • 2.5 GB (2500 MB) per institution
  • The files may be removed at any time by Ex Libris for development purposes.

Ensuring Reports are Migrated

Since institutional reports will be migrated as part of the OBI upgrade from v11 to OAS, note the following:

  • During the migration process, newly created reports or saved changes of existing reports will not be migrated to OAS. This is referred to as the 'freeze period'.
  • All current Analytics reports will be migrated except for those under "My Folders". These are the reports that are only accessible to the specific logged in user. If you want your "My Folders" reports migrated, follow the procedure below. This can be done now so that you will be ready for the migration. In this example, the institution is called "ABC University" and the name is "John Smith":
    • Create a folder under "/shared/ABC University/" called "John Smith"
    • Copy your reports from "/My Folders" to "/shared/ABC University/John Smith"
    • After the migration (if desired) copy them back to "/My Folders"

If you are already in the freeze period and still need to save your "My Folders" reports, see How to save and recreate an analytics report using the xml of the analysis. Note that this applies to reports and not dashboards.

OAS Upgrade FAQ

  • Q: What access will I have to Analytics during the freeze?
    A: You can run reports at any time. Scheduled reports will continue to run. Be aware that any new report you create or changes to existing reports will not be migrated.
  • Q: Why are the freeze start dates for the three NA environments the same, but the go-live dates are different?
    A: This has to do with how Analytics works. All three environments are in the same data center and a specific OAS provides the analytics service. That being the case, the start needs to be done together. The migration and upgrade are staggered to accelerate the delivery of the new OAS service to an entire environment and not requiring all institutions across the three environments to have to wait the full period.
  • Q: What do we need to prepare for the upgrade before the freeze?
    A: You need to make sure staff users that have access to Analytics perform the steps detailed in the Ensuring Reports are Migrated section.
  • Q: How do I know when the upgrade is completed?
    A: Ex Libris will update the status on the page on the completion of the upgrade.
  • Q: What about API calls to Analytics? Will they continue to work during the freeze? Will the exact same calls we are making now continue to work after the upgrade or will it be necessary to adjust them?
    A: API calls to Analytics will not be affected by the upgrade to OAS.
  • Q: What is the situation regarding backward compatibility from OAS to OBI11?
    A: There is no backward compatibility between OAS and OBI 11.
    This means that institutions still on OBI 11 will not see reports contributed to the community folder by institutions already on OAS after the weekly Friday synchronization. This will no longer be relevant once all institutions are on OAS.


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