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    Pivot-RP Admin: Adding Additional Administrators


    As the Primary Pivot-RP Administrator, you have the ability to give specific admin features to other users at your Institution. This page includes the following sections:

    Adding Admin Features to a User Account

    Before you can update a user's account information, you must first locate it.

    Users who are currently logged in when you change the account type will need to log out of Pivot-RP and log back in to use the new admin features.

    To add admin features to an existing Pivot-RP user account:
    1. Locate the user's account:

      1. Select Admin.

      2. Select Reports.

      3.  Select User Accounts.

      4.  Enter the last name or select the first letter of the last name to display a list of possible account matches.

      5. When you locate the name of the person that you want to promote, select Make Admin, which appears to the far right of the name. If the person does not yet have a Pivot-RP account, you will need to have them create an account or create one for them.

        By default, every admin will have access to the following features:

        • Access to the Education and Training area

        • The ability to See who else is interested in an opp

        • Add saved searches and tracked opps to an individual’s account

        • View the active/tracked status for other individuals

        • View the names of individuals who received a funding opp in an alert email

        • View the Shared diagram in the Shared Area

    2. Select any additional features for the individual:

      • Access Usage reports

      • Add/Edit internal funding opp notes

      • Add/Edit internal deadlines

      • Add/Edit internal funding opp global notes (i.e., note appears on all funding opps in Pivot-RP)

      • Set institution-wide filters (citizenship/residency and activity location)

      • Access the Pivot-RP Funding Search Widget

      • Curate Funding Opportunity lists

      • Export profiles

      • Edit profiles for your institution

      • Create and manage administrative accounts

      • Custom Branding: upload institution logo and change colors to match institutional brand

      • Manage Announcements: create and manage institutional announcements

      • Manage Newsletters: generate newsletters for campus research community or groups

      • Manage Internal Funding Opportunities

      • Create and Manage Groups

      • Create and Manage Embedded Search Results: embed curated lists on institutional website

      • Manage Full Text Urls: add you library's link resolver information to enable full text linking from profile publication lists

      • Manage Research Professional News

      • Create and Access Downloadable Profiles Report

      • Manage Pivot-RP Gallery (for Pivot-RP Gallery subscribers only)

    3. Select Save to keep your selections.

    Editing a User's Account

    For any account, administrators who have permissions can update another user's account.

    To edit admin features for an individual account:

    1. Select Admin.

    2. Select Institutional Settings.

    3. Select Pivot-RP Admin Accounts.  A list of all Pivot-RP Administrators will display.

    4. Select the edit/view details link next to the person that you want to modify.

    5. Select (or de-select) any of the features listed.

    6. Select Save when finished.

     If the user is currently logged in when you change the feature set for an account, the user must log out and log in again to Pivot-RP to see the new set of features.

    Removing All Admin Features from an Administrators Account

    If it is necessary to remove admin permissions and return an account to Researcher or Faculty status, you can remove these admin features quickly from an administrators account.

    To remove all features from a Pivot-RP Admin:

    1. Select Admin.

    2. Select Institutional Settings.

    3. Select Pivot-RP Admin Accounts.  A list of all Pivot-RP administrators appear.

    4. Select the Remove admin status link next to the person for whom you want to remove admin status.

    This status change will not go into effect until the user has logged out of Pivot-RP.

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