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    Pivot Getting Started: Managing Your Pivot Profile's Publications, Grants and Patents

    • Product: Pivot

    Pivot automatically adds publication, grant and patent information to your profile through our automated linking process.  As the profile owner, you now have the ability to manage publications, grants and patents you may not want displayed on your Pivot profile.

    You will have three options for removing a publication, grant or patent from public view:

    • Mark it “hidden” – you simply do not want the publication visible on your profile
    • Mark it as a “duplicate” – we’ve included the same publication multiple times
    • Mark it as “removed” – it’s not your publication and you don’t want it displayed

    While each of these options essentially performs the same action (making that specific publication, grant or patent not visible on your Pivot profile), the action you select provides Pivot with information that we will use behind-the-scenes and throughout the publication linking process.  

    Any publication, grant or patent marked with one of the three options can be restored.                     

    To manage your publications, grants or patents:

    1. Navigate to your claimed Pivot profile and click on the “edit” button which will take you into the profile editing system:
    2. Click “edit” again:
    3. Click “Publications”, "Grants" or "Patents" from the left-hand navigation:
    4. Click on the “edit” button for the specific area.
    5. Each publication, grant or patent listed will have a set of icons displayed and each icon corresponds to a tabbed area.
    6. For publications, you have the option to upload publications in bulk from an RIS or BibTex file containing publications that you exported from another system.


      To upload in bulk, select Batch upload publications from a CV or file and follow the on-screen instructions. It may take a few minutes for Pivot to process the file (you may need to refresh your browser). After it is done, the publications become suggestions for you to add to your profile and appear in the Suggestions tab on the Publications tab when editing the profile. If you have any waiting suggestions, a notification about this appears on the Publications tab.

    7. To remove a publication from appearing in your profile, click on the button corresponding to the action you desire.
    8. Click Done to save your changes.

    To reinstate a publication, grant or patent to your profile:

    1. In the edit mode, select “Publications”, "Grants" or "Patents" from the left-hand navigation:
    2. Click "edit" and click on the tabbed area where the publication, grant or patent has been placed (Hidden, Duplicate, Removed):
    3. Click on the “Visible” icon to restore the publication, grant or patent:
    4. Click “Done” to complete the process and make the publication, grant or patent visible on your Pivot profile, then click “Done” again, to exit the profile editor.
    5. Close the browser tab to return to Pivot and reload your profile.



    • Article last edited: 06-Jun-2016
    • Old Article Number: 13873
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