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    Why isn't Opp ID 183376 showing in my search results

    • Product: Pivot


    Why isn't this funding opportunity showing in my saved search?

    - Foundations: ((mded:[ 20180901 TO 20181231 ]) OR (oded:[ 20180901 TO 20181231 ]) OR (Deadline=(unspecified)))
    filtered by: (Applicant Type=(Academic Institution) AND (Funding Type=(Research) AND (Sponsor Type=(Private Foundation)


    There are two reasons why this op was not part of the 7/8 funding alert results for this query:

    1. The query specifies that the funding-type = Research, and the funding-types of this op is: (a) Artistic Pursuit and (b) Facility Construction or Operation. So it would not match the query as specified. In the supplied screen shot, you are viewing the query and running it against the index of the entire database (as it existed on that day), getting 30 ops in the results, and the op is not included in that result set (because it doesn't match the specified query).
    2. However, even if the the funding-type parameter was removed from the query completely, the example op would not have been included in the funding alert results for 7/8. The weekly funding alert only contain ops that were added or updated in the previous 7 days. The op in question (183376) was last updated on 6/13, so it would not be included in the 7/18 funding alert data set. It was included in the 6/16 funding alert data set.


    • Article last edited: 20-Aug-2018


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