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    Client Hardware and Software Requirements

    Set up all client Web-based workstations to run the minimum supported version of an approved browser on a Windows operating system. Hardware requirements are minimal and are based only on the need to run the browsers in a given operating system. 

    The following are the client PC configuration requirements:

    PC Configuration Requirements
    PC Configuration Requirements

    Windows XP/7/Vista

    CPU: Pentium III 1 GHz


    • Memory: 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

    • Disk: 10 GB

    Browsers for Front End UI

    • Internet Explorer 8 and later (including Edge) for Windows 

    • Firefox 27.0.1 and later for Windows

    • Chrome 33.0 and later

    • Safari 6 and later for MAC

    Since Primo is built in accordance with industry standards, it is likely Primo will function well in browsers that are absent from this list. Quality assurance and bug fixes are performed only on the listed browsers.

    Browsers for Back Office UI

    • Internet Explorer 8 and later (including Edge) for Windows

    • Firefox 27.0.1 and later for Windows

    Display Resolution

    1024 x 768 pixels


    • Network Interface Card with Internet/LAN connection

    • TCP/IP installed and connection to server tested

    • Telnet or terminal emulator client  (administrator’s machine only)

    • FTP (administrator’s machine only) 

    • Mouse or roller ball, or another pointing device

    Unicode Font

    An appropriate Unicode font on both the PC and browser. Verify that the selected Unicode font includes all characters required.

    If you use CJK, the fonts may cause the pages to load slowly. If you are using only Latin fonts, therefore, select a Latin Unicode font for better performance.

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