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    How are Book Reviews connected to the Books in Contextual Relationships?

    • Product: Primo, Primo Central
    • Product Version: May 2019 and above
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    The Contextual relationships feature (also called Related Items) includes relations between a book and its reviews. How is the connection between the two working and why part of the reviews are not correctly linked to their book?


    The connection between books and book reviews is set up by identifiers and metadata keys. It is not possible at the moment to specify exactly what parameters and conditions are used because the process is constantly improving to have more book reviews connected to the related book.

    At the moment we consider the process of linking the books and reviews to be very conservative in order to prevent the creation of false positives. In other words, the rules that permits the relation between books and reviews aren’t very flexible at the moment as we prefer having less books and reviews related than having unrelated books and reviews incorrectly connected through this feature.

    We will improve the matching metadata keys in order for more and more related books and reviews to be connected through the Contextual Relationship feature.

    Additional Information

    More information about the Contextual Relationsip feature, see the Primo 2019 release notes.


    • Article last edited: 23-Jun-2019