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    Session Timeout parameter

    • Product: Primo
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; 


    Where is the Session Timeout parameter defined?


    Starting from the Primo November 2017 Release Session Timeout can be defined per view via the Views Wizard. For further information please refer to the November Release Notes:

    Users on older versions can only define the session timeout value for the whole environment; this means that this option is not available for customers without Installation-level access, like those on Multi-Tennant Environments.

    To configure session timeout for the whole environment go to: Primo Back Office > Advanced Configuration > General Configuration Wizard > Sub System: Primo UI > 'Session Timeout'.

    Please note that the value for Session Timeout is defined in minutes and the optimal default is 30.

    Higher timeout values can cause the server to run out of memory.

    • Article last edited: 27-December-2017
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