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    Primo VE Overview

    Introduction to Primo VE

    Primo VE is a deployment model of Primo, which is aimed at simplifying Primo's back-end processes and further optimizing the management of Primo with Alma by utilizing the Alma platform.
    Primo VE, coupled with the Primo UI, enables libraries to benefit from the following:
    • Unified back-office management of Primo and Alma
    • Reduction of duplicate admin efforts and processes
    • Real-time discovery of records managed in Alma. Updates to records are indexed automatically and are discoverable in about 15 minutes.
    • Major operational improvements and the streamlining of publishing processes
    • Streamlined easy configuration and setup. Unless noted in the documentation, most configuration changes are automatic and appear immediately in Primo VE.
    • Intuitive and enhanced new Primo user experience
    The Primo VE documentation replaces much of the existing Primo administration guides since the back-office administration is performed under the Discovery menus in Alma.
    Refer to the following sections if you are starting a new configuration:

    Configuring Discovery Options

    For Primo VE environments, staff users must be assigned the Discovery - Admin role to view and configure options in the following Discovery menus. Note that staff may need to be assigned additional roles to perform related Alma configurations, which are typically listed per configuration in the documentation. For information on how to assign roles to users in Alma, see Managing User Roles.

    • Alma > Discovery:

      Discovery module in Alma.

    • Alma > Configuration > Discovery:

      Discovery configuration menu in Alma.

    Additional Permissions for Discovery Staff

    In addition to the Discovery - Admin role, the following roles may be necessary if you need to create normalization rules for externally loaded sources, run jobs, and create and manage normalization processes:

    • Create normalization rules – Cataloger, Catalog Administrator, or Catalog Manager

    • Create and manage normalization processes – Catalog Administrator or General System Administrator

    • Run jobs – Cataloger, Catalog AdministratorCatalog Manager, or General System Administrator

    For additional information regarding the assignment of roles, see Managing User Roles.

    Getting Help

    Staff users who have chat permissions can chat with our Support team regarding the following types of Primo VE issues directly from within the Alma management interface:

    • Simple how-to questions and configurations

    • Behavior and general inquiries

    • Known issues

    This functionality is disabled by default. Only staff users who have been assigned the Chat with Support role can open a chat session with our Support team. For more details, see Managing User Roles

    For more details, see FAQ.

    To begin a chat session, select the Chat icon on Alma's persistent menu in your production environment:


    Chat Icon in Alma's Persistent Menu

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    For additional information, refer to the following training videos and webinars:

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