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    Online Chat Support for Primo VE, Leganto and Alma FAQ

    • Product: Cross Product


    Q: Which products will have online chat support?

    A: Primo VE will be the first product supported, starting November 2020. During 2021, this channel will be expanded for Leganto and Alma.


    Q: What kinds of questions should we ask in chat?

    A: Use chat to ask how-to questions, simple configuration questions, behavior questions, and other simple questions.


    Q: Can I initiate an online chat with Support instead of opening a case in the Support Portal?

    A: Yes. We encourage you to use the Support Portal for issues which probably require in-depth analysis or a lengthy reproduction effort.


    Q: What happens if the issue I report cannot be solved in online chat or needs to be transferred to another team?

    A: Issues or questions which cannot be solved during an online chat session will be handled offline in a regular case.


    Q: Who will answer the chats?

    A: Online chats will be supported by Technical Support Analysts who have the expertise to support the relevant product.


    Q: What hours will it be available?

    A: Hours of availability hours for each service and region will be published in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center.


    Q: What languages will be supported?

    A: Online chat support will be available in English.


    Q: How do I access the online chat?

    A: Access to chat will be through Alma. A chat icon will be added to the Alma Persistent Main Menu Icons and will be visible to relevant users.


    Q: Can anyone use the online chat? Does it require registration to the Support Portal?

    A: A dedicated ‘Chat with Support’ role is required to initiate an online chat. Institutional admins will need to define and add this role to the relevant users. User access to the Support Portal isn’t required though.

    If a non-Support Portal user initiates a chat that results in an offline case, we will create a Support Portal user account for them if needed.


    Q: How will online chat support work if we use a shared Support Portal user account?

    A: Online chat support is enabled per user in the platform. Each relevant staff member will need the chat role enabled and the cases created by the chat session will be have their personal user as a contact.

    You can ask the Technical Support Analyst to change the contact of the case to the shared user for you.  You can also do it yourself by editing the case in the Support Portal and changing the contact.


    Q: Where can I view and refer to the chat session and the case created by it?

    A: You can download the chat transcript during the session, or immediately after ending it.

    In addition, the case created by the chat session is available in the Support Portal as any other case.


    Q: Can I rate my satisfaction and provide feedback regarding the chat service?

    A: Yes. A satisfaction survey will be sent to you when the chat case is resolved. 


    Q: Can we report Content-related issues (Community Zone, CDI) using chat?

    A: Not at this point. Please use “Report to Ex Libris” and/or the Support Portal for these cases.


    Q: Will online chat be available to Primo end-users or Leganto instructors?

    A: No. The online chat entry point for library staff is Alma and requires a specific user role.



    • Article last edited: 16-Sep-2020