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    Primo Classic UI Discontinued Notification - On Premises Customers

    Released: February 20, 2022

    The new Primo user interface delivers a more enhanced, user-friendly research experience, easier customizations, and a more secure interface than the old interface. It is used by all Primo cloud customers and benefits from a rich roadmap with ongoing updates. 

    If your library is still using the classic Primo UI, we recommend that you adopt the new Primo UI in the coming months. As part of our security policy and standard, the classic interface will no longer be available with the August 2022 release, and all its traffic will be directed to the new interface.

    The following resources can help you get started with the switch to the new Primo UI:

    We hope that the information listed above will help you plan the move to new Primo UI. If you need further support with the move to the new UI or have any questions, please submit a case and we’ll be happy to assist you.


    1. Where can I get more information on moving to the new Interface?

      You can start with the article: Primo New UI - All the resources in one page. You can also use the checklist and submit a case for further information.

    2. When should I start planning for the move?

      We recommend that you start planning the move as soon as possible, especially if you have any customizations that you want to maintain.

    3. What will happen after the August 2022 release?

      If you install the August release, the Primo classic UI will no longer be available, and all requests to the classic UI will be redirected to the new interface.

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