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    Primo 2020 Release Notes

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    For information regarding Primo VE, see the Primo VE Release Notes.

    Click here to view the monthly release and maintenance schedules.

    Download a PDF of the Release Notes.

    Primo Quarterly Update Webinar - April 2020

    To download other formats of the presentation, select the following links:

    • Primo Quarterly Update - April 2020 (WebEx)

    • Primo Quarterly Update - April 2020 (PDF)

    August Sneak Peek

    • Configure the FRBR Preferred Record​ - Allow customers to give preference to newer records​ (NERS).

    • Export to Excel -  Allow users to export their selected records to Excel from the brief results (NERS).

    • Enhanced Personalization - Allow users to select their recent search scopes more easily.

    Download a PDF of the Release Notes.

    Upcoming Issues to Note

    • Customization packages should be tested in this release since CSS changes were made to improve visibility on mobile devices.

    • For on-premises customers, the February release service pack was updated to support the new MFT (Managed File Transfer), which is the only MFT that will be used starting with the Primo August release. 

    • Upgrade to Open JDK 11.

      For on-premises customers using Solaris/Sun OS, there are several third-party software/libraries that are no longer supported by Solaris. Specifically, we will continue to run Open JDK 8 on Solaris/Sun OS in 2020, but we will no longer be able to deliver new releases for Primo on Solaris/Sun OS in 2021.

    • For Primo Analytics, the upgrade to OBI 12 is expected to be rolled out in the May release. More details on the migration of your reports to OBI 12 will be published soon.

    Primo Quarterly Update Webinar - January 2020

    To download other formats of the presentation, select the following links:

    • Primo Quarterly Update - January 2020 (WebEx)

    • Primo Quarterly Update - January 2020 (PDF)

    May Sneak Peek

    • Enhance sticky facets to allow filters to be saved  (NERS)

    • Efficient workflow when using Delete and Reload Pipe (NERS)

    • FRBR Boosting - Add configuration to use date for preferred record (NERS)

    • Upgrade to OBI 12 - Support the move and upgrade to OBI 12


    Improved Sticky Facets Behavior (NERS #6125)

    May 2020 PRM-40512
    This enhancement improves the behavior of sticky facets by allowing users to apply persistence to all active filters in the Active Filters section. Previously, persistence had to be applied to each filter individually. In addition, this enhancement includes the following changes:

    • Instead of clearing only the non-persistent filters in the Active Filters section, the Reset Filters option in the Active Filters section now behaves like the Library Search button in the main menu, which clears all filters in the Active Filters section, including the persistent filters.

    • The new lk option will be added to the facet and mfacet parameters in a search's URL to mark the persistent filters. This allows you to reuse the URL later and retain the persistent filters in another search session. For example:,contains,test&tab=LibraryCatalog&search_scope=MyInstitution&vid=PRIMO_OAP_INST:Alma&mfacet=tlevel,include,online_resources,1,lk&mfacet=tlevel,exclude,available_p,1,lk

    As in previous releases, removing, modifying, and adding search terms in the search box will continue to retain only the filters that have been made persistent for that search session.

    To make all non-persistent filters persistent:
    1. Perform a search and filter your results by selecting one or more facets individually or in bulk. The non-persistent filters have the white background color. 


      Adding All Filters to the Persistence List
    2. Select the Remember all filters button to make all filters persistent. When made persistent, the system changes the background color of the filter to yellow.


      Adding Additional Filters to the Persistence List

      The system disables the Remember all filters button when all filters in the Active filters section are persistent.


    Configuration Options

    No configuration is necessary to enable this functionality. It is enabled by default.

    The following table lists the codes used to customize and translate the display labels and tooltips for this enhancement.

    Code Table Description

    Results Tile

    The following codes were added for this enhancement:

    • default.nui.facets.rememberFilters: Remember all filters

    • default.nui.facets.remember.tooltip: Make active filters persistent throughout the session

    • default.nui.facets.allLockedAlert.tooltip: All active filters are now locked for this session

    aria Labels

    The following code was added for this enhancement:

    • default.nui.aria.rememberFilters: Remember all filters

    • default.nui.aria.rememberFiltersDisabled: Remember all filters - Disabled

    • default.nui.aria.rememberFilters.enableControls: Unlock active filters or Select more filters below to enable the remember all button

    Analytics - Sticky Facets

    To support this functionality, the following action has been added to the Action Usage subject area:

    Group Subgroup Action Description

    Results List


    Remember All Filters

    The user selected the Remember all filters option.

    Simplify Data Reload Flow (NERS #6184)

    May 2020 PRM-41603
    Previously, the Delete Data Source and Reload pipe allowed you to harvest records that had been exported since the last time the records were harvested and loaded into Primo. With this enhancement, you can retain the same date for subsequent pipe executions so that you can automatically reload the same set of harvested records.

    Configuration Options

    The Use Static Date field has been added to the Define Pipe page for Regular and Delete Data Source and Reload pipes. When selected, the Start harvesting files/records from field retains the date on which the pipe was first run instead of automatically changing it to the date on which the pipe was last run.


    Define Pipe Page for Delete and Reload Pipe

    Support Language Configuration for Voice Search Assistant

    May 2020 PRM-42785, PRM-42494
    For the new UI only, this enhancement allows you to configure the list of supported languages and the default language that appear after selecting the Microphone icon in the Primo Search box.


    Voice Search Assistant - Language Drop-Down List

    Configuration Options

    The following table lists the configuration options for this enhancement.

    Option Description

    Voice Search Languages Activation mapping table

    This table has been added to the Front End subsystem, and it allows you to select the languages that appear in the Language drop-down list for the Voice Search Assistant feature. The following options are supported:

    • To add a language to the drop-down list, enable its row in the mapping table. You may select as many languages as you need. To return to the out-of-the-box list, disable all values.

    • To select a default language for the drop-down list, select the Default field for one of the languages.

    The codes and languages are based on the supported languages for the Voice Search Languages API. For more details, see Supported Languages from GitHub.

    Voice Search Supported Languages code table

    This table has been added to the Front End subsystem, and it allows you to customize and translate the labels that appear in the Language drop-down list for the Voice Search Assistant feature. 

    Split Audio Visual Facet

    May 2020 PRM-40852
    Primo has added separate Resource Type facets for Audio and Video, which allows users to filter their audio/visual results separately for CDI searches.


    Splitting Audio Visual Facet in CDI Searches

    For more information regarding the new CDI resource Types, see Resource Types in CDI.

    May 2020 URM-113292
    As with related records in View It, this enhancement allows you to enable/disable the display of related records for physical holdings (Get It) based on whether the item is a serial, a monograph, or a closely related item. In addition, the type of relation is now added to the end of the title, and you can specify whether the closely related items appear in the main list of locations or under the new Locations for Related Titles section.


    Locations for Related Titles in Get It

    Configuration Options

    The ability to enable/disable the display of related records is configured with the new Get It section on the Related Record Services Configuration page in Alma (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Related Records). For more information, see Enabling the Display of Related Records in Primo.


    Related Record Services Configuration Page in Alma

    Improved Display of Subcategories for Database Searches

    May 2020 PRM-40512
    Previously, users had to select the greater-than sign (>) to display a category's subcategories on the Database Search page. With this enhancement, users can also select a category name to display its subcategories in addition to its results list.


    Category Expanded to Display Subcategories on Database Search Page

    Access to Google Search Console

    May 2020 PRM-41603
    Google Search Console provides tools to allow you monitor the activity of your website. With this enhancement, you can allow Google to monitor the activity of your Primo institution and any Google sitemap files that you have created. For information on creating Google sitemap files, see Primo Generate Sitemap Tool.

    Configuration Options

    To configure this functionality, the HTML Token Validator mapping table has been added (Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables). For more details, see Managing Google Sitemaps.

    For security reasons, hosted Primo customers must open a Support ticket to configure the following table after registering their Primo institution with Google Search Console.


    HTML Token Validator Mapping Table

    Ongoing Analytics Enhancements (May)

    May 2020 PRM-41435, PRM-41368
    The following table lists the new usage actions for features that were added in previous releases.

    Group Subgroup Action Description
    Exploration Resource Recommender Resource recommender appeared A search returned a resource recommendation.
    General My Account Set alert

    Unset alert

    An alert was set for a saved search in My Favorites.

    An alert was cleared for a saved search in My Favorites.

    Document General Click on title A title on the Brief Results page was clicked.

    This was already supported in the classic UI and is now supported in both the new UI and classic UI.

    New SAML Certificate

    May 2020 PRM-39650
    The current DigiCert SAML Certificate will expire in January 2021. If your institution uses this certificate, Ex Libris recommends that you consult with the IT department at your institution, and if required, replace the certificate for Primo. If replacing the certificate, this must be done in coordination with your IDP. For more information, see Managing Certificates and Metadata for SAML Authentication.

    If your institution uses ADFS, Ex Libris highly recommends that you replace the certificate to avoid any complications.

    No immediate action is needed. Replacing the certificate can be done at any time until its expiration on January 1, 2021.

    Improved User Experience on Mobile Devices - NERS #6290

    February 2020 PRM-41669
    This enhancement improves the user experience on mobile devices based on usability testing and customer feedback. For more technical details on the following mobile improvements, see New UI Javascript Third Parties Changelog in the Ex Libris Developer Network:

    • Improved navigation of send-to actions on the Brief and Full Display pages.


      All Actions Displayed on the Full Display Page
    • Moved the link to access the Advanced Search page to the User Area.


      Advanced Search Link in Primo User Area
    • Displayed the Tweak my results Primo_Mobile_TweakResultsIcon.png, Personalize my results Primo_Mobile_PersonalizeResultsIcon.png, Save Records Primo_Mobile_SaveRecordsIcon.png, and Save Query Primo_Mobile_SaveSearchIcon.png options as icons.


      Icons on Mobile Devices
    • Added navigation for previous and next records on the Full Display page.


      Previous and Next Record Links on Full Display Page
    • Added the ability to apply actions to records in bulk.


      Applying Action to Multiple Records
    • Improved the visibility of facets and the ability to select multiple facets.


      Improved Facet Visibility and Selection
    • Improved signed-in status.

    • Included miscellaneous fixes for the Resource Sharing & Request forms.

    Improved Display of Export Actions

    February 2020 PRM-41671
    While on the Brief and Full Display pages, it is no longer necessary to select the left and right arrows to scroll through the export actions. All configured export actions will now display.

    For example:


    Export Actions on Full Display Page

    Expose Webhook for Searching External Indexes

    February 2020 PRM-XXXXX
    Search Webhook (previously called Third Node) enables you to enhance the standard Primo search engine with your own search engine functionality, using the standard Primo services and view. This functionality allows sites to create multiple search webhooks, where each one is designed to work with a different external search engine (such as a regional search index). For more details on this functionality, see Search Webhook in the Ex Libris Developer Network.

    For information on how to add Search Webhooks to your view, see Enabling Search Webhooks in the Ex Libris Developer Network.

    Currently, you are not permitted to blend these webhooks with your local Primo data or any other webhooks.

    Support the Customization of the Improved Format of Saved Search Email Alerts

    February 2020 PRM-XXXXX
    The Saved Search Email Alert Customization mapping table has been added to the Front End subsystem to allow you to configure the color and other settings for the following components in Saved Search Email Alert messages:

    Component Color (should be set in Hex Code) Description
    Logo Background  #4d6b82 Defines the color used for the logo's background.
    Header Background #53738c Defines the color used for the header's background.
    Footer Background  #4d6b82 Defines the color used for the footer's background.
    Body Background #f3f3f3 Defines the color used for the body of the email's background.
    Main Title  #fff Defines the color used for the main title.
    Logo Show Allows you to Show/Hide your logo in the alert email.
    Sub-titles  #fff Defines the color used for the subtitles.
    Unsubscribe  #fff Defines the color used for the Unsubscribe link.

    Support the Configuration of the Search Box's Focus

    February 2020 PRM-40880
    This enhancement allows you to place the focus in the search box by default when various pages (such as Library Search and Journal Search) are opened in the new UI. This allows users to type their queries directly into the search box without having to select the search box first. This is already the case for the classic UI.


    Focus Set in Search Box

    Configuration Options

    To enable this functionality, add the focus_on_search_input parameter to the View Properties mapping table and set it to true. By default, this functionality is disabled.

    New Request Type Filter in My Library Card

    February 2020 PRM-42371
    The new Request type filter in My Library Card allows users to select one or more request types to filter loan requests based on the selected request types. All selected requested types will appear next to the Request type label.


    Requests Tab in My Library Card

    Support Usage Information for the Order of Citation Styles

    February 2020 PRM-41694
    This enhancement enables Primo Analytics to track the number of times citation styles by position (a maximum of 20 styles) are selected using the Export to Citation action. This usage information allows you to determine which styles are used the most and to set the order of the styles accordingly.


    Track Citation Usage by Position

    Analytics - Citation Style

    To support this functionality, the following actions have been added to the Action Usage subject area:

    Group Subgroup Action Description


    Citation Style

    Citation Style 1, Citation Style 2, ..., and Citation Style 20

    The user selected the citation style at position 1 through 20.

    Support Local Fields in Alma CZ Records

    February 2020 URM-111389
    This enhancement adds support for the following local fields defined in Alma CZ records: 009, 09X, 59X, 69X, 77X, 78X, and 9XX. This allows users to search for and display information from these local display, facet, and search fields in Primo.

    In Alma, CZ records that contain a local field with subfield $$9 set to local are considered local to your institution, and any information stored in this field is not viewable by other institutions and is not overwritten when changes are made to the CZ record by the community. 

    For example:

    <datafield tag="993" ind1=" " ind2=" ">

    <subfield code="a">test_local</subfield>

    <subfield code="9">local</subfield>


    Configuration Options

    To support these local fields in Primo, you must configure the following:

    1. Define a normalization rule for each local field that you want to support from CZ records.

      For example, if you want to display information from the local field defined above, create the following rule in your normalization rules set:


      Add Normalization Rule for Local Display Field
    2. Add the local fields to your Primo view. For example, add the local display field to the Details section on the Full Display page.


      Local Display Field Added to View

    Support Normalization Rules Template for Esploro

    February 2020 PRM-41757, PRM-41834, PRM-41784, PRM-41590, PRM-41779, PRM-41824, PRM-41825, PRM-41616, PRM-41599, PRM-42315, PRM-41693, PRM-42049
    This enhancement updates various PNX fields in the Esploro XML - Template normalization rules template to support the import of Esploro metadata into Primo. For more details on the template, see Esploro XML.

    Ongoing Analytics Improvements (February)

    February 2020 PRM-35632, PRM-42388
    In addition to the Analytics support for new features, this release also includes the following fixes and missing usage information:

    • The Month (long description) attribute within the Popular Searches Subject Area no longer returns an error when attempting to use a filter.

    • The following actions have been added to the Action Usage subject area:

      Group Subgroup Action Description


      My Account

      Add Label in eShelf

      A label was added in the e-shelf.

      Remove Label in eShelf

      A label was removed from the e-shelf.

    Additional Enhancements

    • February 2020 PRM-41857
      Added a RefWorks link to the Primo User Area menu to allow users to sign in to Refworks from the new UI in Primo.


      Primo User Area Menu - New RefWorks Link

      When RefWorks is enabled in the Actions List mapping table, this link is enabled by default. You can perform the following additional configurations:

      • Update the code in the User Tile code table to modify the link's display label.

      • Hide the link in the Primo User Area menu by setting the my-refworks-ctm class to display: none; in your custom CSS file.

    • February 2020 PRM-39439 SF: 00575531, 00623646, 00699431, 00714760
      The display lines in the brief results for journal searches are no longer defined internally and now use the same configuration as the brief display lines for regular library searches.


      Journal Search Brief Display Lines

    Resolved Issues

    • May 2020 PRM-32217 SF: 00801569, 00809589, 00811276, 00811380, 00812432, 00815240, 00815481, 00820563, 00837835
      The APA 7th edition citation style is now supported.
    • May 2020 PRM-32217 SF: 00473234, 00522788, 00224965, 00352809, 00391515
      Because SuDoc numbers with a slash were not normalized correctly, results were not sorted properly for Browse by SuDoc. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-34855 SF: 00653171
      When the List of Versions active filter was removed for a FRBR record that was selected on the Citation results page, the active filter was replaced by an active filter that had a numeric label instead of being removed. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-34893 SF: 00408223, 00412611, 00426011
      Authentication requests by campuses configured with Google SAML idP were rejected by Google. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-35810 SF: 00459638, 00486601, 00494364, 00546173, 00432309
      Unable to remove suggestion items from the No Results page in the new UI. This has been fixed, but customers will need to replace the suggested text with a space in the Error Messages code table.
    • May 2020 PRM-35834 SF: 00456053, 00514179, 00535897, 00660268, 00682590, 00696741, 00705966, 00398816, 00429862, 00448834
      In some cases, the direct link to "My Account" briefly showed unnecessary login links before activating the specified login profile. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-39613 SF: 00660600
      The counter for the previous loans history was not correct in My Loans. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-39614 SF: 00567034
      Codes for the Copyright buttons in the ILL Request code table could not be translated. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-39809 SF: 00570567, 00607673, 00628228, 00662871, 00724601, 00725329, 00727127, 00729465, 00729619, 00729697, 00729711, 00732734, 00735479, 00738781, 00742861, 00744176, 00747044, 00753708, 00754618, 00791386, 00792138, 00801987, 00802262, 00802350, 00803408, 00807052, 00813749, 00819502, 00821471, 00826353
      The current tab refreshed while multiple records from this tab were opened in new tabs. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-39858 SF: 00601749, 00652892, 00652999
      The Back to Results List link did not work properly after using a permalink to Citation Trails. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-40502 SF: 00686422
      Unable to use Primo Studio to preview customizations in My Account due to authentication issues. Customers can now use Alma authentication profiles to login and view My Account in Primo Studio.
    • May 2020 PRM-40570 SF: 00651096, 00728584, 00790036
      Received authentication error while attempting to sign in to a second Primo tab after closing the first Primo tab. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-40943 SF: 00556467
      Some PCI snippet calls were returning a 500 error. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-41100 SF: 00594740
      While loading the last record in the search results, "Get it from other institutions" was missing from the next record. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-41335 SF: 00463811
      See Access to Google Search Console.
    • May 2020 PRM-41631 SF: 00724932
      The More from the same tabs for courses and collections could not be ordered and always appeared last. This has been fixed by adding the More from the Same field to the Order of Tabs section in the Brief Results Tile editor in the Views Wizard.
    • May 2020 PRM-41686 SF: 00715393
      See Ongoing Analytics Enhancements (May).
    • May 2020 PRM-42132 SF: 00701461
      The Brief Record Actions list is now grouped with a < role="region" aria-label="" > technique for accessibility.
    • May 2020 PRM-42134 SF: 00699854, 00709884
      Navigation for Advanced Search is clearer with a screen reader. The field items are grouped with a < role="region" aria-label="" > technique for accessibility. One for the complex Boolean search string and another for the material type/language/date settings.
    • May 2020 PRM-42138 SF: 00696361, 00806591
      The search result list (prm-search-result-list) is semantically a list of results, but it does not use the semantic tags for a list (such as aria's role="list"). This has been fixed by adding role="list" to prm-search-result-list.
    • May 2020 PRM-42288 SF: 00747297
      For mobile devices, the Pin icon overlaps the title on the Full Display page. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42313 SF: 00629099
      In some cases, the user's email address appeared corrupted in My Account. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42319 SF: 00702887, 00744792, 00757960, 00758525, 00801251, 00812445, 00818175, 00819303
      In cases where docid contained a vid, the permalink failed to return to the same page. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42494 SF: 00809072
      See Support Language Configuration for Voice Search Assistant.
    • May 2020 PRM-42570 SF: 00793712
      Users were unable to login to Alma, but had no problems accessing other services. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42577 SF: 00714581, 00795112
      Error in Web page name created large Web logs. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42690 SF: 00827202
      The Focus on Search Box feature was not working for Newspaper search. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42745 SF: 00753742
      Searching with diacritic characters in deep searches (PrimoThirdNode) did not return all results. This has been fixed by adding the target_institution parameter to the Deep Search Plugin Parameters. Its value should be the institution code of the target Primo.
    • May 2020 PRM-42766 SF: 00805357
      In some cases, links in email sent using send to email in the new UI were broken. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42768 SF: 00805363
      In some cases, the Links section in the new UI displayed the code. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42771 SF: 00807005, 00807113, 00807891
      Primo authentication failed with SameSite Cookie issue. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42803 SF: 00810084
      In Collection Discovery, too many PNX calls initiated the DoS filter and thumbnails were not loaded. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42832 SF: 00693046
      Labels (such as "Tags found" and "records") for tag searches could not be customized in the new UI. This has been fixed by adding the following codes to the Tags Tile code table:
           - | Tag found
           - | Tags found
           - | Record
           - | Records
    • May 2020 PRM-42838 SF: 00807132
      For Analytics, Send to citation styles 10-20 were under General instead of Document. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-42948 SF: 00800681
      The Edit Search Scope List page could not be saved if there were no Deep Search plugins. This has been fixed.
    • May 2020 PRM-43070 SF: 00740917
      A contents="noindex" indication has been added to all pages except for Full Display pages to prevent Google Web crawlers from indexing them.
    • February 2020 PRM-32922 SF: 00463268, 00475085, 00480826, 00489713, 00342550
      Real-time availability of reserve material was not displaying in the new Primo UI. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-36355 SF: 00463270, 00569538, 00589669, 00606435, 00619427, 00709602
      Location filters in the GetIt tab cannot be translated for the new Primo UI. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-36588 SF: 00457024
      Pipes failed when a constant in the normalization rules contained an ampersand that was not escaped. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-36746 SF: 00457605, 00548135, 00550333, 00671065, 00694354
      Deep links to My Account with silent-login active break authentication when using Chrome. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-37137 SF: 00493503, 00566236, 00653685, 00658359
      The sitemap generator tool did not send email notification after it completed. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-38839 SF: 00543480
      Sorting is not correct after changing tabs in My Library Card. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-38982 SF: 00514438
      In the new UI, email sent from Brief results contained untranslated institution names. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-39040 SF: 00531405
      In the new UI, the Link to resource template placeholder "search_terms" was not populated. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-39486 SF: 00474323
      In the new UI, citations do not match configuration in "Citations Fields Mapping" mapping table. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-39665 SF: 00558716, 00569538, 00575063, 00584091, 00589378, 00590579, 00599005, 00710933, 00740892
      In the new UI, some languages were not translated in My Account for Aleph environments. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-39810 SF: 00559304, 00597937, 00607525, 00618450, 00678090, 00689952, 00728442
      (New UI) When the location name contained a period, all text preceding the period in the location name was not displayed in the Availability indicator. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-40401 SF: 00631764, 00710795
      Previously, Primo used only the first rft_id parameter in the openUrl. Now Primo supports multiple rft_id parameters.
    • February 2020 PRM-40721 SF: 00646927, 00691294, 00703492
      (New UI) historic loans are not initially sorted in My Loans. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-40766 SF: 00155818
      Any text before a period in the $$E parameter of links to resources did not display. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-41806 SF: 00715651, 00758187
      The option to search beyond 2000 results has been blocked in the past for security and stability reasons. Only blended and PCI results are limited to a maximum of 2000 results.
    • February 2020 PRM-41828 SF: 00690249
      With the new UI, increased Tomcat sessions and garbage collection can cause a higher CPU load in the UI. To reduce the CPU load, you can set the disable_virtual_browse parameter to "true" in the View Properties mapping table.
    • February 2020 PRM-41899 SF: 00715688
      In the new UI, "http://" is no longer added to mailto links in local records.
    • February 2020 PRM-41966 SF: 00715315
      Some of the normalization rules for the control/colldiscovery field in the Alma MARC Template incorrectly included a parameter for the Input Exists routine. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-41995 SF: 00753931
      For details, see Support the Customization of the Improved Format of Saved Search Email Alerts.
    • February 2020 PRM-42127 SF: 00753501, 00794622
      The ability to select items in bulk and perform actions is now supported in mobile devices.
    • February 2020 PRM-42129 SF: 00709888
      To support WCAG 2.0 (A) Success Criteria 4.1.1. Invalid HTML (Buttons within Buttons) accessibility requirement, nested buttons are no longer included in the new UI.
    • February 2020 PRM-42200 SF: 00739364
      In some cases, labels in My Favorites allowed scripting (which is security vulnerability). This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-42225 SF: 00739827
      In some cases, URLs in Primo allowed scripting (which is security vulnerability). This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-42288 SF: 00747297
      For mobile devices, the Pin icon overlapped the title on the Full Display page. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-42336 SF: 00755865, 00759614, 00789878
      In some cases, the logo appeared oversized in the new format of alert emails. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-42340 SF: 00759098, 00785602
      There was an issue with opening bX Recommender related reading links. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-42391 SF: 00769532
      Bulk record selection actions were not recorded as expected in Primo Analytics. This has been fixed.
    • February 2020 PRM-42411 SF: 00739827
      In some cases, Primo URLs (tlevel, mfacet) allowed scripting (which is security vulnerability). This has been fixed.
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