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    What is a quick and easy way to add reference to a RefWorks account?

    • Product: RefWorks


    Answer: The RefWorks 'Find Matches' feature, of course!


    RefWorks users who have a reference's title, DOI, ISSN or ISBN, can use our "Find Matches" feature in RefWorks to find reference matches and metadata (bibliographic information) that can be saved.

    Here the title is being entered after which the user clicks on the button.

    Note: If using this feature for existing references to supplement data, when clicking on Title in the suggestion list, the contents of the reference will be replaced. When clicking on ISSN, ISBN or DOI, the contents of the reference will be supplemented. We recommend duplicating a reference before using the Title look up, to prevent any data from being overwritten.


    Image of Lightning Bolt feature


    Here the DOI is being referenced, note the need to add the field if creating a new entry.

    Another image of the Lightning Bolt feature


    Results from the search will appear at the bottom of the page.


    Image of results of Lightning Bolt search


    Users can select the result that matches their needs best and it populates the metadata fields, after which users can save the reference to their account.

    Image of Lightning Bolt result being saved.




    • Article last edited: 22-Nov-2021
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