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    Save to RefWorks Best Practices

    • Product: RefWorks


    What are the best practices to use with Save to RefWorks


    Save to RefWorks is a browser bookmarklet designed to help users collect bibliographic data from websites that do not have export options to RefWorks. We recommend using direct export if available, and otherwise exporting a reference file or downloading a pdf file that can be imported or uploaded to RefWorks. If these options are unavailable, we recommend using Save to RefWorks.

    Save to RefWorks uses translators to detect and import data from websites. The list of available translators is continuously changing, as translators often have to be reworked if the structure of the underlying site changes. Save to RefWorks may not work on secure sites (https://). If a site does not normally have bibliographic data it probably does not have a filter. In most cases these sites will return the web page information. Your results may vary from site to site and even page to page.

    For a list of translators supported in Save to RefWorks, please visit

    If you are importing PDFs, please note that we rely upon data within the file to produce the reference and this is not always possible. If you have specific examples of files with which you are having difficulty, please send them along for further investigation.

    If all of the options above fail, you can still manually create a reference in your account from any source.



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