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    Adding line breaks (carriage return) to a citation style

    • Product: RefWorks

    Currently in the RefWorks Citation Style Editor line breaks are added manually to a citation style, using the line break HTML code </br> following the field after which the line break should occur.



    In this example, a line break is being added before and after the author field to create a separate line from those that follow it.


    The result will create a line of information that will then break off and start again.


    Please note that edits to one reference type must be added to all reference type definitions in the style. This will ensure the update is applied to all types of entries saved in RefWorks.




    The newly modified style should be renamed and saved in the user’s account. For an administrator to set it as an institutional style, please see our knowledge articles on managing citation styles at the institutional level.




    • Article last edited: 08-Aug-2021
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