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As an admin, how do I add a RefWorks style to my Institutional Styles list?

  • Product: RefWorks

The purpose of this article is to show how RefWorks styles can be added to the Institutional style list.

  • Select the Citation Style Editor, search for and select the RefWorks style to be added to the institutional list.
    Image of style list in Citation Style Editor
  • Duplicate and rename the style.
    Image of citation style duplicate option
    Image of rename duplicate style dialog
  • Note the style will automatically be marked as a custom style with the green (Mine) label.
    Image of style name after renaming
  • Share the style with your institution.
    Image of share with institution option
  • Note the style is now available to all users at your institution in the Citation Style Editor,…
    Image of institutional style in Citation Style Editor

on the Create Bibliography page,...
Image of citation style list on Create Bibliography page

in the Citation View settings,...
Image of Citation View options

Image of citation style list in Citation View

and in RefWorks Citation Manager.
Image of citation style list in RefWorks Citation Manager

Note: To add the style to Write-n-Cite, the user must first select the style in their RefWorks account and then use Sync My Database to add it.
Image of citation style list in Write-N-Cite


  • Article last edited: 15-Oct-2020
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