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    2024 RefWorks Release Information

    April 9, 2024

    Launched New RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) for Google Docs Add-on

    RCM for Google Docs allows users to easily add in-text and footnote citations to documents while auto-generating a bibliography. Choose from any of our thousands of citation styles and watch your citations and bibliography update themselves. You can install from Google Marketplace today.

    This add-on replaces the older, less powerful, ProQuest RefWorks add-on for Google Docs. All documents which use the ProQuest RefWorks add-on in Google Docs are already compatible with RCM for Google Docs.

    Save to RefWorks Import References

    RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) for Google Docs

    Import Process Summary Status Page Updates

    Users are now able to clearly see the count of references per completed import process. The import summary lists how many references were, or were not imported because of the Ignore duplicates option and how many full-text attachments were found and imported.

    Import Process Completed page.

    Import Process Completed page

    Automatic Folder Count Updates

    Folder counts upon import and after PDF upload and manual reference creation, are now immediately updated. Previously, users needed to refresh the page to see updated counts.

    Dragging and Dropping References into Folders Now Has Visual Indicators

    Users are now able to clearly see how many references are dragged and dropped into a Folder. The count is displayed in the tooltip and the destination folder is highlighted.

    Drag and Drop Into a Folder.

    Drag and Drop Into a Folder

    Improved Folder Names Recognition and Quick View of Sharing Settings

    Users are now able to clearly see full Folder name and Sharing settings by mousing over the Folder in the list in the side navigation bar. When mousing over anywhere on the Folder name area, users can see a clear tooltip of the entire Folder name. When mousing over the Sharing icon next to the Folder name, a summary of the Folder sharing tooltip is visible.

    Folder Name Tooltip.

    Folder Name Tooltip

    Folder Sharing Tooltip.

    Folder Sharing Tooltip

    New Labels for Sharing in RefWorks and RCM for Word and RCM for Google Docs

    Users can clearly distinguish which reference(s) are added by them, or other users. A notification banner is displayed when a list of references that contains references added by other users has the same Ref ID as those in your library. Folder icons next to links indicate whether the folder is only the owner’s, or is shared with or by the owner. This is available in all Views: Normal, Table, Full and Citation.

    RefWorks Sharing Labels.

    RefWorks Sharing Labels

    RefWorks Sharing Labels in RCM for Word.

    RefWorks Sharing Labels in RCM for Word

    RefWorks Sharing Labels in RCM for Google Docs.

    RefWorks Sharing Labels in RCM for Google Docs

    Table View Updated to Include Folders, Tags, and new Sharing Labels

    When in table View, users can now see Folders and links to Folder, Tags (with automatic search function), and Sharing Added by labels. Folders and Tags columns display the first two items, an with expand option to view all. These columns are excluded from the sort by options.

    Table View Folders, Tags and Sharing Labels.

    Table View Folders, Tags and Sharing Labels

    Customize Views for Folders, Tags and Added by

    The Customize dropdown now includes Added by labels. These options are available in all Views: Views: Normal, Table, Full and Citation. Preferences under the Customize dropdown are maintained when switching between views until the user changes their selection.

    RefWorks Customize View Menu.

    RefWorks Customize View Menu

    Pageviews and Sessions Reports Historical Data Downloads

    Because of data collection and updates by the data provider, historical (prior to March 2023) Pageview and Session reports are available in Admin Usage Analytics for download only. The full 12 months of data, starting March 2023 and after, is available through in-app graphs and as a download.

    Admin analytics usage report download.

    Admin Analytics Usage Report Download

    Admin analytics usage report custom dates.

    Admin Analytics Usage Report Custom Dates

    Accessibility Improvements

    • Improved focus states in Public Folder.

    • Keyboard navigation added to all elements in the Help menu.

    • Improved focus states on the References page for all views: Normal View, Table View, Full View, and Citation View.



    Bug Fixes

    • Some users were unable to save contents of a web page during the Save to RefWorks process.

    • Some users were unable to add an attachment to a reference in a shared folder when in search results.

    • The progress bar was reinstated for references when attaching more than one file.

    • When there were multiple attachments in a reference, the View Pane did not show that there is more than one.

    • Users are again able to cancel attachments and uploads mid process.

    • Certain fields in Citation View did not correctly link to the corresponding field in the Reference Editor pane, forcing users to manually click into the correct field.

    • Reinstated the custom fields feature which lists whether a field is currently in use in existing references. This is found in user Settings.

    • Added a references counter to all pages, regardless of the number of references on the page. Previously, a counter was only displayed if the number of references required multiple pages.

    • Fixed errors when importing via Direct Export from Primo, ERIC and Ovid.

    • Admins using non-Latin characters had issues in admin reports when downloading unreadable characters. This included User and Publications reports.

    • Admins at large institutions were unable to download user reports and saw a timeout message. Report generation is now available.

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