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    Can *Research Professional institutional administrators set up shared funding calendars?

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    Can *Research Professional institutional administrators set up shared funding calendars?



    While there is not a direct feature for setting up shared funding calendars on the Our Institution page, there is a work-around that allows institutional administrators to copy and paste the calendar’s url link to be viewed at both the parent workgroup and sub-workgroup levels. These urls can also be shared via email with relevant colleagues.

    Firstly, put together the Advanced Search that you would like to base your funding calendar on – this can, of course, be built on thematic/disciplinary lines, particular funders (domestic and international) etc. Then select the Actions dropdown menu next to the orange Save button at the top of the page and click ‘Calendar’.

    This will open all the funding opportunities matching the search criteria you have created in a calendar mode. Please notice that the calendar will open in a new browser tab and requires enabling popup windows. Once open, the calendar will allow you to select ‘Subscribe’. This will place all the deadline entries in your own calendar. The entries will then be automatically updated over time so that you always have the up-to-date list of deadlines in your calendar.


    If you would like to set up a more closely curated calendar where you can select specific funding schemes, then select the Actions dropdown menu next to the orange Bookmark button just above your list of results.


    Important note: if you would like to edit your dynamic calendar later on, make sure that you save your search, as this will save time putting together all of your search terms. If you would like to edit your static calendar, make sure to save your curated results into a Bookmarks folder.


    Once you have generated either your static or dynamic funding calendars, you can simply take the URL and copy it. To paste it on a Workgroup Start Page, simply go to Our Institution, select the Workgroup you would like to place it under (from the list titled Our Hierarchy) and once you are in the workgroup, click the orange Edit button. This will allow you to paste the URL as a hyperlink on the Start Page, making it visible to any workgroup members who visit the page.


    If you have any questions about the Funding Calendars or other RP functionalities, please contact our Support Team.


    • Article last edited: 30-Sep-2020
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