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    Can I edit my *Research Fingerprint? Is it possible to switch it off altogether?

    • Product: Research Professional


    You can adjust your Fingerprint and email settings by logging in to your account and then visiting the following page:

    Your Fingerprint alert can either be configured by following the link above, or going to the Email Alerts dashboard in the top-right corner of the homepage; you can then toggle certain disciplines on and off, and even select new ones by scrolling down to where it says Add area of research to fingerprint and searching for disciplines using the drop-down menu.

    FP 2.JPG

    If you think your Fingerprint results can still do with a bit of tweaking in other areas (such as Award Type or Type of Funder), you can always click on View as search - this will allow you to view your fingerprint disciplines in an advanced search that you can attach additional search options to and simply click Save > Save & Alert to generate a more refined funding alert.

    You can also opt out of Fingerprint alerts by toggling the button at the top of the Email alerts dashboard where it says My *Research Fingerprint - Weekly email notifications.


    • Article last edited: 01-April-2020
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