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How can I sign up to alerts from the 8am Playbook?

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How can I sign up to alerts from the 8am Playbook?


If your institution has access to our HE service, that means you will be able to subscribe to the 8am Playbook, allowing you to keep up with the latest trends and policy analysis in higher education.

In order to receive the alerts, you will need to have a *Research Professional user account under your institution’s licence. If you have an account, you can switch on your alerts by logging in and doing one of the following:


1) You can click on the HE tab near the top of the page (next to News) – this will take you to the dedicated HE section of our service, where you will see a column on the right with a link to the 8am Playbook. After clicking this link, you will see an orange button near the top-right of the page that says Subscribe to 8am Playbook;

8am Playbook Knowledge Article.JPG


8am Playbook Knowledge Article 2.JPG

2) Click on the Email Alerts dashboard in the top-right of the screen (this will appear next to your name). Once you are in your email alerts dashboard, you can sign up to the alerts by clicking on the Publications tab and ticking the box next to the 8am Playbook.

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3) Alternatively, while in the Email Alerts dashboard, you can click on the News tab, go to Article categories and select HE > Government > 8am Playbook alerts, to add them to your daily news alerts.

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If you do not yet have a *Research Professional user account, you can find out more about remote access and signing up to our service by viewing this guide.

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