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    How do I join a WebEx meeting?

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    How do I join a WebEx meeting?


    Before you can join any WebEx event or meeting organised by *Research Professional, you will first need to register for the session – you will either have received a registration link directly or you will have seen the link posted on a public page by us or one of your licence administrators.

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    There is no deadline to register for a WebEx event but we advise doing this in advance to allow for a smooth and optimal experience when joining the session on the day. You may also notice that there are two types of WebEx events – public events with unrestricted access and private events that are password-protected.

    Joining a public event

    When registering for a public event, you will be asked to provide your contact details.

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    If you are registering in advance, you will receive an email with a link to the event and instructions to be used on the day.

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    If you are registering within the 5-minute period prior to the session start, you will be able to join the session from that point.

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    Joining a private/password-protected WebEx event

    In order to register for this event, you will need to enter a password – this will be provided by your licence administrator.

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    Configuration of device and audio

    While there is no deadline for registration, you may be prompted to download the WebEx desktop app or browser extension while attempting to join the session on the day. In order to avoid any hassle, we advise that you make sure that the WebEx desktop or browser app is correctly configured on your computer prior to the session.

    If you are accessing the session from a private connection, this should be straight-forward. However, if you are attempting to join the session from within your institution’s network, you should make sure that your device has proper permissions to run the programme. We recommend that you try a test run before attending one of the sessions; if the programme is blocked by your institution’s network or firewall then you may have to consult your IT specialists.

    Upon entering a WebEx meeting or event, you might find that you are unable to hear any audio from the host or presenter or communicate via your microphone. If this occurs, you must first check to make sure that your audio settings are configured properly. You can do this by going to the Audio (may sometimes appear as Communication) in the top toolbar and selecting Audio and Video Connection.

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    This will prompt a settings window. You will be able to configure your audio settings and devices, including audio output and microphone, here.

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    If the issues persist, then you may have to leave the webinar and try joining the meeting or event again. If this does not make a difference, it might stem from a problem with the audio configuration of the device you are using to attend the webinar. We remind you that all webinars are recorded and that you may have to wait to watch the recording if you are unable to configure your audio connection.


    Interacting in the Session – using the Chat and Q&A functions

    When using the Chat function during a WebEx MEETING, you will be presented with only one option, which will be to send a message in the chat to Everyone. This message will be visible to all attendants of the webinar.

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    If you are in a WebEx EVENT however (this is most likely the case if you are attending one of our demonstrations or tutorials), you will be presented the option to send to Host, Presenter or Host & Presenter. If you are having any issues with hearing or seeing the content of the tutorial, make sure to send a message through the chat function. We recommend that you send to Host & Presenter. As the event managers, we will be able to send messages to other participants, such as attendees and panelists.

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    Please keep in mind, messages by administrators to All Participants will be visible in the recording of the webinar but only if you view the web version (not the downloadable file, see Section 5 in this guide). We would recommend that you do not write any questions regarding tutorial or demonstration content in the Chat section but rather using the Q&A function instead.

    In addition to the Chat function, you will find a very similar function below called Q&A. If you have any questions regarding the content of the tutorial, please write these in the Q&A section as this will make sure that the questions are visible to all other attendants as well and will also appear in the recording of the webinar for the benefit of subsequent viewers. You can address these questions to the Host & Presenter (in this example, Nick Epiphaniou is both). In preparation for any unforeseen circumstances where the Q&A is not visible to all attendants during the webinar or in the recording, the presenter will also read the questions aloud before providing an answer.

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