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    *Research Fingerprints is a feature that provides researchers with funding alerts based on a profile, which is created from their previously published work on an institutional web page, staff directory, or any other publicly visible web page ( please note that this excludes pages on websites that require visitors to register for or log into an account in order to be viewed). Please also note that Fingerprinting is not available for all institutions and academics.

    Using advanced, highly-targeted algorithms, in combination with our extensive industry knowledge and refined discipline taxonomy, *Research Fingerprinting generates personalised funding alerts, matching your research interests with funding opportunities available in our extensive database.

    If you have an active Fingerprint alert, then you will start receiving a weekly email containing selected research funding opportunities that match your Fingerprint, in addition to any other funding alerts you may have set up.

    You can see an example of a *Research Fingerprint below:



    If you have a Fingerprint, it will be visible here:


    For more information on how to adjust your Fingerprint, please visit the Fingerprint knowledge article here.