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    Selection Plans

    All users can view and edit the Selection Plan feed. 

    The following roles are required to create and edit Selection Plan profiles:

    • Rialto Administrator

    Selection Plans allow library administration to create a feed of offers to be either purchased or added to your DDA pool at a chosen frequency. This allows Selectors to spend less time on manual selection, and provides a mechanism to have a predictable spend on an ongoing basis. Selection Plans consist of a query, rules, and a ranking profile. Once these are in are place and the plan is fully enabled by your administration, Rialto will produce a list of best-fit candidate offers, ready to be purchased or added to a DDA pool. 

    Rialto Selection Plans provide a number of advantages compared to the legacy approaches to automated purchasing: 

    Function Legacy Systems Rialto Selection Plans
    Eligible titles Only newly published titles Any title in the Marketplace
    Recency  Upon publication, captures new (profiled) titles Captures any title based on query
    Ranking True or False on match to profile; no ranking  True or False + ranking to assign fitness; boosting offers according to ranking profile
    Amount purchased All matches Best matches up to monetary cap
    Managing budget Restrictive query limits matches per purchase interval Monetary cap defines spend per purchase interval

    Once the title is purchased automatically:

    • the PO is created in Alma with the relevant PO lines. 
    • the specific offer is added to the list of institution's holdings. 

    Viewing and editing the Selection Plan feed is done from the Selection Plans page (Market Automatic Selection Selection Plans). 

    Selection_Plan_list for Selectors.png

    You can do the following on this page:

    Duplicate Purchase Prevention

    To help reduce purchase duplication with manual orders, a badge displays on all Selection Plans offers when they appear elsewhere in Rialto:


    The Selection Plan Feed and Review Period

    Selection Plans can be test-run to see if they bring the desired results. When you are sure that the plan works as expected, the Rialto Administrator will activate the plan. 

    After a Selection Plan has been activated, it runs at the chosen weekly or bi-weekly frequency, and a feed of candidate titles is created. 

    This feed does not contain the existing holdings of your institution.

    This feed has a review period, defined by the review day and period that were specified for the plan (see Scheduled Purchasing Management). The review period is the amount of days from the time the feed was created until the purchase day. Within this review period, users can evaluate the purchase candidates and reject the undesired titles from the feed.

    In the Selection Plans page you can see which plans were activated and which are awaiting review. 


    Reviewing the Selection Plan's Feed and Rejecting Undesired Titles 

    • If a user rejects titles from the Selection Plan's feed, additional titles are not added to meet the defined caps.
    • The rejection is only from that particular Selection Plan. It does not apply to any other plans.
    • The rejection is permanent for that specific Selection Plan.
    To review the Selection Plan's feed and reject undesired offers:
    1. On the Selection Plans page (Market Automatic Selection > Selection Plans), in the actions menu for the plan that is up for review, click Review. The feed opens. 
    2. Click the offer you want to review. The offer opens in the right-hand pane.
      On the offer, you can see the Selection Plan's rule that triggered the offer to be added to the feed. Within the Facets pane, you can filter the list of offers by rules, to allow you to readily find the titles you need to evaluate for purchase.
      Faceting by rule.png
    3. Select Reject to remove the offer from the feed. The offer still appears in the feed, but it is now grayed-out and disabled. 
      A rejected title continues showing as rejected in the feed, to enable other relevant users see what was rejected.
      Do this for an many offers as needed. 

    Triggering Creation of the Feed Outside of Schedule

    Normally the Selection Plan's feed is created at a chosen weekly or bi-weekly frequency, determined by the Rialto Administrator. However, you can run the plan on demand without waiting for the weekly/bi-weekly run. This action immediately creates a snapshot of offers that are candidates for purchasing / adding to DDA. Alternatively, if the plan hasn't been activated yet, you can create a snapshot on demand to test-run the plan; however, this does not activate the plan or enable purchasing. If you like the results, work with the Rialto Administrator to activate the plan. 

    To create a snapshot:
    • On the Selection Plans page (Market Automatic Selection Selection Plans), in the actions menu, click Create snapshot

    create_snapshot_selection plan.png

    The snapshot creation might take a few minutes, if the number of rules to process in the plan is large. Once you select this option, you will receive the notification that the snapshot is being created. 


    When the snapshot is ready, click the name of the plan to open to view it. 

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