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    Purchase Request Web Form Management

    Only Rialto administrator can customize the purchase request web for fields and generate a link to it. 

    You can enable patrons to submit their purchase requests directly to Alma, without the help of the library staff, via a Rialto-generated Purchase Request web form. 

    • Currently patrons can only place book requests. Journal requests are not supported. 
    • Patrons are only allowed one submission at a time.

    Enabling the Purchase Request Web Form in Your Network

    Upon your request, Customer Service can provide you with a link for a customized purchase request web form which can be embed in your network pages for exposure to patrons. Once you have the link, you can choose to display the entire form on a page using an iframe, or expose a clickable URL for users to access the form in another web browser tab.

    When the link is created for you, the system also creates a Guest requester user, and all the purchase requests are done by that user. 

    Customizing the Purchase Request Web Form

    You can customize this page to display only the fields that you need, and add additional custom fields on this page. 

    Purchase request web form.jpg

    To customize this form:
    1. Open the Purchase Request Form mapping table. 
    2. You can do the following in this table:
      Hide fields: In the Enable field, move the toggle off.  
      Make fields optional: In the Mandatory field, select Edit in the row actions and enter 'false'.

      The resource_metadate.title field is always displayed and mandatory in the web form. You cannot hide it and cannot make it optional. 

      Change the order of fields: In the Position field, indicate the desired position of the field on screen. 
      Add custom fields: Select Add Row. In the dialog box that opens, fill in the necessary fields.  
    3. Select Customize to save your changes. 
    4. Get the link again and re-embed it in your systems. 

    Processing of the Purchase Request Submitted via the Web Form

    When the patron submits a Purchase Request via this form, a Purchase Request is created in Alma. See Ordering from Purchase Requests for additional information how Rialto integrates with Purchase Requests. When selecting the Search the market option of the Purchase Request, the patron-provided information populates the Purchase Request pane in the cart.

    For Purchase Requests that were populated from the web form, the Requester in the Purchase Request pane is always 'Guest'. The name and email address of the patron who submitted the form appear in the New for September! "Requestor Notes" field in the cart.

    The name of the patron who submitted the purchase request does not appear in the "Interested Users" field automatically. Check if the patron name exists in the system, and if so, add it to the "Interested Users" field to enable the user to receive the notification when the order has been received in the library. 

    purchase request panel updated.png

    If you added custom fields to the form, the information provided by the patrons also appears in the New for September! "Requestor Notes" field in the cart. If the patron filled in several such fields, they all appear in the "Requestor Notes" field one after the other in the form of "field A: value A field B: value B...."  

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