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    Rialto 2021 Roadmap



    Rialto continues to build functionality and enhancements to add efficiencies and tools for collaboration to create a seamless selection and acquisition workflow.

    H1 2021

    H2 2021


    Rialto is platform-neutral with content from thousands of publishers as well as many digital publisher and aggregator platforms. As a comprehensive academic marketplace, Rialto is committed to continued expansion of its offerings of publisher digital platforms and commercial models to provide librarians and their patrons with the most choice possible.

    H1 2021

    H2 2021

    New publisher digital platforms:


    New commercial models:

    • JSTOR (DDA)
    • Taylor & Francis (EBA)
    • Ebook Central (EBA)


    H1 2021 Enhancements

    Order approval task list 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    A new, shared list for approvers to review all selector-submitted orders. Rather than approving selections grouped by cart, each title will appear on a list for approvers to review and approve.
    • New task list of titles awaiting approval from all selectors.
    • Bulk actions to quickly approve titles from multiple selectors at once.
    • Facets allow approvers to drill down and work on titles they are responsible for, including library, selector, fund, and more.
    • New, optional, "route to" field in cart allows selectors to direct their selections to specific groups for approval.
    • Assignment of each title allows visibility into what other approvers are working on and facilitates collaboration.
    Purchasers in charge of approving orders will have a streamlined approach for reviewing selector orders, better collaboration tools when working on a team, more flexibility in how orders are grouped at checkout, and support for partial selector cart approval.

    Consortia holdings 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    When a library is part of an Alma network zone, Rialto will show holdings from both the local institution and holdings from other institutions in the same network zone.  This supports selection decisions-based title availability at other institutions with resource sharing agreements.
    • When viewing a title in the marketplace, the holdings panel will include holdings for other libraries in the same network zone.
    • Visibility into which libraries hold the title.
    • Edition information for what version of the title other libraries hold.
    When evaluating a title, selectors can decide whether to acquire a title based on its availability in the consortia.  This may lead to skipping a purchase if (it's available elsewhere) or acquiring a title (if the availability is limited or the edition is not what's needed).

    Cart field customization 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Libraries can customize the cart at the institution level to hide unwanted fields.
    • Libraries can configure which cart fields are visible or hidden.
    • Configuration is handled at the institution level to facilitate one-time setup without requiring individual user configuration.
    • Optionally, institutions may allow users to customize their own carts, allowing flexibility for users in different roles.
    Selectors and purchasers benefit from a streamlined cart experience, customized based on institutional policies.

    Curated Topics lists 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Hand-picked lists of print and electronic titles in a variety of trending topics.  Lists highlight award winners, top sellers, and high-quality titles that are reviewed by experience librarians to ensure quality academic content.  Additional lists are added on a monthly basis. 
    • Curated topics lists will be browsable within Rialto.
    • Topics are chosen based on library feedback and community trends.
    • When reviewing a list, librarians can take advantage of Rialto selection and evaluation features and purchase options.
    Selectors can review hand-chosen recommendations of the top titles in trending subjects, allowing them to quickly fill in collection gaps in surfacing issues.

    H2 2021 Enhancements

    Notification System 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    In order to highlight significant tasks that need attention, Rialto will feature a notification system that alerts affected staff of changes.  This will be the start of an ongoing project to create these alerts, with the initial release featuring alerts for significant order status changes and feed updates.  Future releases will include additional notifications.
    • Notification review list allows users to browse alerts in one place.
    • Facets by alert type allow focusing on significant alerts.
    • Staff may dismiss alerts once they've been handled.
    • Options to alert within Rialto or via email.
    • This infrastructure will be used for future alerts across a variety of workflows.
    The infrastructure for alerts allows Rialto users to be proactively notified about significant changes without having to go searching for them, and will form the basis for future notifications for different workflows and roles.

    Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Libraries will be able to review the pool of EBA candidates sorted by usage or a custom, library-defined ranking profile to see the top recommended purchases.  This allows staff to begin making selection decisions as the program is in progress to reduce the crunch of selecting titles when the program closes.  This is the first of a series of developments to support end-to-end EBA support in Rialto.
    • A review list of EBA titles allows staff to dismiss or pin selections in advance of program closure
    • List of recommended titles can be sorted by usage or ranking profile(s), giving flexibility in viewing top titles.
    • Facets allow filtering by different criteria (such as classification) to ensure balanced spend decisions by a variety of factors.
    • “In EBA” alerts visible throughout Rialto allow staff to see what titles are in the EBA pool.
    • Actions available throughout Rialto to pin a purchase, preventing unwanted purchases and allowing early decisions.
    • This release will be the first stage of EBA support—program closure and setup planned for future releases.
    • Initial release will support Taylor & Francis and Ebook Central, with additional platforms being evaluated.
    To reduce the time pressure of the final selection decisions at program close, Rialto will show top titles allow the library to begin making choices during the program.  In addition to existing Rialto evaluation support, this list will feature flexible ranking, facets, and monitoring tools to preview what the end of program spend will look like during the program.

    Shared list comments 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    To increase collaboration for shared lists, users will be able to comment on list items and view their own and others' comments.  This will allow users to communicate about saved items from within Rialto.
    • Users will be able to create and edit comments on offers saved to lists.
    • Comments will be viewable by all users who can view the list.
    Selectors and purchasers will have a direct channel of communication within Rialto.  This will improve coordination among selectors and between selectors and purchasers, particularly for situations where titles were selected but sent to a list rather than approved for purchase.

    Search enhancements 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    A variety of enhancements (including 'exclude from results', search result ranking, advanced search, reviews, awards) will allow more flexibility in searching and browsing results, particular for searches for which the exact title and edition is not set in advance.
    • Facets will support exclusions and can be used to remove results that don't fit the need of the search, while retaining all other facet values.
    • Sort by ranking profile allows significant flexibility in how results are sorted--both on the initial list of titles and within lists of offers for the same title.
    • Facets for reviews and awards allows searching for titles that have been reviewed or received awards.
    • Query builder filter for awards allows setting up feeds or selection plans to find and acquire award-winning titles automatically.
    With enhanced search tools, librarians will have more flexibility and control in performing fuzzy searches and finding known titles.
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