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    January 2021 Release

    Viewing Access Model and Portfolios in Holdings Panel

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3528
    The Holdings panel now displays the access model of e-books. Access model defines how many users can simultaneously access a resource and is available on each portfolio.The access models for which Rialto icons exist display as Rialto icons, and the other access models display the code of the access model, with the ability to view the short description on the model on hover. For more information about access model, see Managing Access Models.

    In addition, the "Available For" statement is now showing for each portfolio individually.

    Visibility into this information in the Holdings pane reduces the amount of user clicks into Alma required to evaluate whether to purchase additional offers. 

    access model and portfolio in holdings view.png

    See Locating Offers that Match your Holdings.

    Rush Awareness on Cart Approval

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3734
    For institutions in regions where ProQuest offers rush handling, users now can display in Carts Approval page whether a rushed offer is included in the carts awaiting approval. This helps prioritizing the Approver's work and makes sure that rushed offers are handled first. 

    rushed offering in cart.png

    Support for Collections

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-2520, 3033
    In the query builder on the Recommendations Profile page, you can now search for specific collections. This allows you to create feeds that focus on acquiring offers from a specific collection, or to omit the offers for which you have an active plan. 

    support for collections in recommedations profilfe.png

    For offers included in a collection, the feeds and search results now display a badge "Part Of Collection". Hover over the badge to see the name of the collection it belongs to. 

    Query Builder Operations for Include/Exclude

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3024
    In the query builder on the Recommendations Profile and Selection Plan pages, the Include and Exclude text operators are now available for all fields instead of symbols. In addition, boolean fields such as "Downloadable" and "DDA Available" have been streamlined. This simplifies building workable profiles and provides better visibility.

    include and exlude operators in boolean fields.png

    Reporting Codes in Display Order

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3874
    The order of Report Code values in the cart is now inherited from the Reporting Codes table (see Configuring Reporting Codes), and can be set from there. Note that if the values were changed in the Reporting Codes table, you need to refresh the Cart for the list of Report Codes to display the new order. 

    setting order of reporting codes.png

    See Adding to Shopping Cart and Submitting to Approval and Rialto Purchaser Guide.

    Selection Plans (formerly Scheduled Purchasing)

    Scheduled Purchasing Renamed  to Selection Plans

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-4096
    The Scheduled Purchasing  plans were renamed to Selection Plans, for clearer recognition and brevity. 

    See Selection PlansSelection Plan Management and List of Rialto Badges

    Vewing Creator and Modifier of the Selection Plan

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3925
    Now the Selection Plans page displays the name of the user who created and last modified the Selection Plan. To see this information for any specific plan, expand the Selection Plans panel. 
    selection plan created by and modified by.png               selection plan created by and modified by in right pane.png

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