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    June Release

    Market Search and Menu are Role-dependent

    June 2020 RialtoNGS-2378
    Previously, access to the Rialto Market search and menu was based on rialto_enabled customer parameter. This means that all users with access to Rialto Market had the 'Market' search type enabled in the persistent search box at the top of each page, and could open the Market menu, even when these users had no Rialto-related user role assigned to them. Now users must be assigned at least one Rialto-related user role to be have the 'Market' search type enabled, and to open the Market menu (in addition to having the rialto_enabled customer parameter set to true). 

    To support this, the CART_MANAGEMENT privilege was added to all Rialto-related roles. Now, access to Rialto Market is based on both the rialto_enabled customer parameter and CART_MANAGEMENT privilege.

    See Managing Rialto User Roles

    Multiple Interested Users in Cart

    June 2020 RialtoNGS-2405
    Now you can specify multiple interested users in the cart for each ordered offer.

    'Interdisciplinary Studies' Criterion

    June 2020 RialtoNGS-1641
    A new criterion 'Interdisciplinary Studies' was added to the list of criteria included in the recommendation profile. 

    This criterion allows you to select an area of study, to include in your feed offers that have this as a secondary area of study, in addition to another main one. You can enter several areas of study, separated by comma (,). These values are manually assigned to offers by a ProQuest Record Enhancement team.

    See Criteria included in the Recommendation Profile.

    Offers with No Publication Year

    June 2020 RialtoNGS-2122
    When publication year is missing, offers are now displayed in the Cart with "Undefined" as publication year:

    undefined pub year 2.jpg

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