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    June 2021 Release

    Curated Lists

    June 2021 Rialto

    ProQuest has made available a large number of curated lists of cross-subject titles, so that you can confidently identify quality offers that meet topical, multiple subject needs. To see the collection of curated lists being offered, select the "Curated Lists" link in the Rialto menu (Market Market > Curated Lists).

    Curated lists main page.png

    From this page, select a curated list you would like to view. In the feed that opens, you can add offers to lists/ cart/ DDA pool. To help you work with the curated list, you can apply any facet available to the feed, and apply defined rankings to sort the list. 

    example curated list.png

    See Working with Curated Lists.

    New facets in the DDA pool

    June 2021 Rialto

    To better evaluate the candidates for purchase in your DDA pool, you can now search and facet your pool of DDA candidates (for all programs) by:

    • The month the title was added to DDA pool.
    • The user who added the title. Users that were since deleted from the system appear as 'Deleted', with their ID number, to make it easier to distinguish between them. 
    • The titles added from a Selection Plan. Selection Plans that were since deleted from the system appear as 'Deleted', with their ID number. 

    Market Search link

    June 2021 Rialto NGS-2431

    To help users quickly get to the Marketplace search in order to search for and purchase titles, a link "Market Search" was added to the Rialto menu. When selecting this link, a page opens with the 'Market' option already selected in the persistent search box that appears at the top of each page.

    Market Search link in menu.png

    See Searching the Rialto Marketplace

    4th and 5th reporting codes added

    June 2021 Rialto NGS-1949

    In the May release, Alma added the 4th and 5th reporting codes to the Purchase Order Line. These codes are now available for selection in Rialto cart, cart templates, Selection Plan rules, and in the Orders Awaiting Approval Task List.

    five reporting codes.png

    Watch the Additional Reporting Codes in PO Lines video (1:53 minutes) for an explanation of this addition to the Purchase Order Line page.
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