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    January 2022 Release

    Enhanced Display for Listed Offers

    January 2022 Rialto NGS-5659

    The Offers list was enhanced to display existing information in a clearer way, allowing for improved scanability when evaluating many listed offers.


    Fields that were modified:

    • Icons now appear for Electronic and Physical items instead of the actual words.
    • Icons appear for ATO- and STL-eligible items.
    • Icon appears for items included in a collection. 

    Additional Information in Offer Details

    January 2022 Rialto NGS-5827
    Now Offer Details display additional metadata when provided by the publisher. Elements on the page were rearranged to enhance readability. 

    New fields that were added:

    • "DRM free", "DDA", "ATO", and "STL" all display as "Available" or "Not Available" for enhanced eligibility.
    • "Part of a series" and the series name
    • "Publication date" 
    • "Added to Rialto"  - the date the title was added to the marketplace

    Details pane 2.0 Jan.png

    "In Oasis plan" Badge Renamed to "In ProQuest Plan"

    January 2022 Rialto NGS-5884
    The "In Oasis Plan" badge was renamed to In ProQuest Plan badge.png "In ProQuest plan", so that it can apply to all libraries with existing ProQuest standing orders.

    See List of Rialto Badges.

    "Purchased in Rialto" Badge Removed from Work Search Results

    January 2022 RialtoNGS-5879
    The "Purchased in Rialto" badge was removed from the work search results because it was doubled with the "In Your Institution" badge and added visual noise to the page.  The badge continues to display for offers.

    See List of Rialto Badges.

    "Sent to Approval Date" Added to Order History Page

    January 2022 RialtoNGS-4325
    In the Order History page, the date on which the item was sent to approval is now displayed with the date with the date it was ordered.
    Order history selection and order dates.png

    Note that if another user performed the action (not you), the user card with the user's name is displayed alongside the date.

    Orders Awaiting Approval Enhancements

    Search Added 

    January 2022 RialtoNGS-4720
    Now you can search the Order Approval page by ISBN and title. This allows the Approver to get to the desired order quickly and without paginating the list.
    search optons on Orders Awaiting Approval page.png

    "Date Added" Displayed on Offers 

    January 2022 RialtoNGS-5951
    Now the date on which an order was submitted for approval is displayed on the Orders Awaiting Approval page. This allows you to determine at a glance the offers you should take action on by recency.
    date added to Order approval task list.png

    "Reject and Move to List" Option Added

    January 2022 Rialto NGS-4931
    Now Approvers can remove offers from the Orders Awaiting Approval page by rejecting and adding to a list through the new action "Reject and move to list." This means that Approvers do not need to navigate away from the page to continue their workflow, and Selectors are aware offers are not going to be purchased directly.

    Reject and move to list option.png

    When rejecting and adding to a list, the Approver now receives the confirmation popup to select a reject reason. This reject reason carries forward as a comment on the item that is now included in the list. The default text in comment is “Order rejected by [user] on [date]: [reject reason]”. The Approver can edit this comment as needed. 

    rejection comment on the rejected item.png

    This option replaces the "Move to list" option. 

    See Rejecting Offers.

    "Add to Selector Cart" Renamed "Add to Order List"

    January 2022 RialtoNGS-4932

    The action "Add to Selector Cart" on the Orders Awaiting Approval page was renamed "Add to Order List". The confirmation text for this action was rephrased from "Item added to selector cart" to "Item added to order list". This is to reflect the fact that this action adds a new order owned by the Approver.


    See Replacing Offer with Another Offer.

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