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    Assign Access Rights discrepancies between DB and METS

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 6.3


    You have assigned Access Rights to IE/REP/FILE via Process, but after successful process completion the Access Rights assigned to IE/REP/FILE isn’t searchable and AR applied isn't inserted to the DNX/METS.

    Defect Status

    Fixed in Rosetta version 6.3.
    The affected records need to be fixed manually after installing Rosetta 6.3 SP.


    You can fix the data with either option:
    1. Create and run a task chain with the Assign AR task twice. First assign it to another AR and then the second is to the correct AR you want to assign your IE/REP/FILE with.
    2. Create and run a task chain with Rollback IE and Assign AR.* **
    * Only if the last version was created by the Assign AR process, and the previous version does not have this AR issue.

    ** Please note that this option will rolled back to the previous version, thus changes done on the current version will be lost.


    Both options will increase IE version by one.


    Please contact Rosetta support if you have any questions. 



    • Article last edited: 18-Jun-2020
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