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    How to change the PDS that Rosetta uses?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Rosetta 

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Point Rosetta to different PDS or change the PDS port, hostname. 

    Before any changes please contact Ex Libris support. 

    1) PDS hostname is the same as Rosetta server - use rosettings. csh

    1. Backup and update in the file all pds urls:

    2. To apply changes, you need to shut down Rosetta

    3. Go to the bin folder, and run rosettings script

    4. Start Rosetta

    2) PDS on different hostname than Rosetta

    Rosettings.csh cannot be used when updating the port or hostname of PDS on different server than Rosetta. 

    Before applying the changes: 

    • shut down Rosetta (dps_stop)
    • stop PDS apache (apachectl stop)

        1. Update the (dps_conf/

    •         load.balancer.pds=PDShostname
    •         load.balancer.pds.port=80
    •         pds.port=80
    •         pds.server=PDShostname
    •         protocol.pds=http

        2. Update following PDS and Rosetta configuration files
            ○ $dps_dev/pds/program/PDSDefinitions 

            ○ $dps_dev/profile/dps_start 

    •                 setenv    PDS_HOST        PDShostname
    •                 setenv    HOST_LB_PDS       PDShostname
    •                 setenv    PDS_LB_PORT     80
    •                 setenv    HTTPD_PORT        443
    •                 setenv    PDS_PORT           80

            ○ pdsroot /apache/conf/httpd.conf (/exlibris/dps/d4_1/pds/apache/conf/httpd.conf
                § Listen 80
        3. Update DB (for customer with Oracle site license)

                § update HFrGeneralParameter set value = 'http://PDSHostname:81/R/TEST' where name =  'pds_registration_url';

                § update HFrGeneralParameter set value = 'http://PDSHostname/pds?' where name =  'pds_url';

                § update HFrGeneralParameter set value = 'http://PDShostname/pdsadmin/' where name =  'pds_admin';

    Apply the changes: 

    start pds apache (apcb apachectl start or apachectl_auto when apache listens on port 80/443)

    start Rosetta  (dps_start)

    Additional Information

    Please note that Rosetta can work with only one PDS.
    Therefore only the server that is configured to be PDS link in the should start apache.
    Rosetta can point to a different application's pds (e.g. Primo's) as long as there is a connection to the other server.

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    • Article last edited: 5/10/2018