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How to re-enable a StartUp-Check that was disabled via 'Ignore Permanently'

  • Product: Rosetta
  • Product Version: v5+
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Local



If you elected to 'Ignore Permanently' a system check in the Administrative module under Home > General > System Checks, Rosetta allows you to re-enable it if needed.
In certain use cases a particular warning message may not be relevant for your topology or configurations.
For example, if you're using the local authentication method but still want to run Apache, when Rosetta restarts, the "StartUp-PDSChecker" may report: Failed to reach pds at: /pds.
If you elected to 'Ignore' this warning, it will likely display again after the next restart.
If you elected to 'Ignore Permanently' this warning, it won't display again after the next restart.


To re-enable a StartUp-Check that was previously disabled (e.g. StartUp-PDSChecker):

1. Connect to the Administrative module and navigate to Home > Plug-In Management > Bundled Tab > Plug-In Type Name: StartUpCheckPlugin

2. Next to each plugin listed you'll see a green circle with a white checkmark in the middle

For the plugin you want to re-enabled, it will be 'disabled' meaning that the circle/checkmark will be greyed out.

3. Note which page of plugins out of the 5 total you are on when viewing the plugin you want to re-enable (e.g. page 3 of 5).

4. To re-enable a particular StartUp-PDSChecker plugin click on the checkmark to re-enable it (e.g. PDSCheckPlugin).

Note that when you disable or re-enable a plugin Rosetta refreshes back to the first page (out of 5 pages) of plugins.

5. Return to the page of plugins where your plugin is listed to confirm that it's been successfully re-enabled.

6. The next time Rosetta is restarted this system check will be executed.


Additional Information

Please also refer to this KCS article: How to check Rosetta System Checks?


  • Article last edited: 19-Apr-2018