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General Parameters

General parameters define global settings that determine how the entire Rosetta system functions. The following sections describe general parameters by module.
Descriptions that are blank here will be added to the guide as they become available.


This module contains parameters that define the authentication settings.
Authentication Parameters
Parameter Value Description
login_default_institution <institution code> – for example, INS00 The institution that appears as the default on the login page.
The selected institution can be overridden by an institution querystring parameter., for example:
authentication_max_failure By default, 3 If a user attempts to log in with an incorrect password more than the number of times specified here, the user is locked out of the system for the duration specified by the authentication_lock_duration parameter.
authentication_lock_duration By default, 300000 The duration for which a user attempting to log in to the system with an incorrect password is locked out of the system.
  • PDS
  • <integration profile name>
Determines the default authentication method.
The default method can be overridden by appending the desired method to the URL as an auth querystring parameter.
deposit_self_registration true/false When false, the patron self-registration is not displayed in the local authentication login form.
sru_authentication By default, false Indicates whether SRU requests require authentication. If true, Rosetta authenticates a user based on a Basic Authentication Authorization header.


This module contains parameters that define settings for the Back Office, including default page size and password length.
Backoffice Parameters
Parameter Value Description
file_data_in_producer_email False A boolean that indicates if the files' details will be sent as part of the email to the Producer Agent
menus_max_links 6 Maximum number of quick links that appear in the Administration and Management menus.
email_updating_new_user true/false If true, the system sends a confirmation email to a newly registered user. If false, no confirmation email is sent.
email_sender Management Department <> The string that shows in the sender field when emails are sent by the system to staff users.
email_contact The email address that appears as the contact address on system-generated email.
password_size 8 Minimal length of users’ passwords
max_file_size_to_download 5 Maximum file size that can be downloaded (TA, Web editor).
If the file is bigger than the set value, it is copied to the server under: {operational_shared}/staff_work_area/{userName}/export/streams/{pid}/{fileName}
max_input_characters_allowed 2048 Maximum length for SIPs reject reason


The module contains the file names of various BIRT reports used throughout the system.


This module contains parameters that define the behavior of the Delivery module.
Delivery Parameters
Parameter Value Description
allow_access_by_default True Defines whether users can view an object when no specific access rights policy is defined for this object
anonymize_event True Replace the last octet of the user's IP address with a 0 in the delivery event.
anonymize_mets True The METS delivery does not include the producer information section
check_thumbnail_access_rights True Determines if access rights should be checked for thumbnails
client_ip_header Rosetta-User-IP Header location of the user IP address validated by Access Rights
collection_allow_navigation_strict True Collections with the Allow Navigation check box cleared are not displayed in the collection viewer
collection_page_size 10 The number of collections to be displayed in a collection viewer page.
When set to 0 the collection display is optimized and fills the available space.
delivery_show_login_logout False Displays a Logout link during a registered user’s delivery session and a Login link during a guest user’s delivery session.
display_j2k_plugin False Defines whether the J2K ActiveX must be embedded in the J2K Viewer (an alternative for the default J2K viewing application).
ie_thumbnail_limit 5 Max number of IE thumbnails to be displayed.
max_delivery_file_size_mb 0 Maximum file size for delivery
use_sso True If a user logs into Rosetta via Delivery, the session remains active for subsequent delivery request.


This module contains parameters that define Deposit process settings, such as default screen size and event logging.
Deposit Parameters
Parameter Value Description
applet_license_key none License key for the Aurigma uploader applet (Aurigma licensed users only)
deposit_ws_max_response 100 Maximun number of deposit activities to be returned in SDK Web services
email_contact The email address listed as the contact address on system-generated e-mails
email_sender Management Department <> The email address that appears as the source of the emails that are sent by the system to Producer Agents
fastTrack False Determines whether the fast track mechanism is enabled for Casual Producers
logic_deposit_area Path to directory used as the storage of the Deposit. Changing this value is possible only if there are no SIPs in the TA Deposit, Loading, or Validation sections nor deposit jobs with the status of Rejected or Draft.
log_activities True Determines if activities are logged
reCAPTCHA_secret_key string The value of the reCAPTCHA Secret Key generated by Google.
reCAPTCHA_site_key string The value of the reCAPTCHA Site Key generated by Google.
use_captcha True Determines whether CAPTCHA validation will be used in self registration
validate_source_md False When this parameter is set to true, Rosetta validates all sourceMD sections according to their respective schemas to allow only valid metadata into the archive and ensure proper AIP update functionality.
validate_with_mets True Validate submitted METS according to the METS xsd. If true, invalid METS will go to TA
validate_with_rosetta_mets True Validate METS according to the Rosetta METS xsd at submission and again before moving to permanent. If true, invalid METS will go to TA. After validation, the DNX schema version is added to the METS.
Rosetta's xsd validation does not apply to descriptive metadata.

Format Library

This module contains parameters that define settings for the format library.
Format Library Parameters
Parameter Value Description
fl_staff_email   The email address of the staff user who will be alerted when a new version is ready for import|
current_version 3.02 The Current version of the Format Library
format_library_is_global false Displays the global format library configuration menu.
github_pw   The GitHub password
github_user   The GitHub user name


This module contains parameters that define general settings, such as system time format.
General Parameters
Parameter Value Description
apply_same_origin_policy True The HTTP header parameter X-FRAME-OPTIONS is configured to be SAMEORIGIN to prevent click jacking attacks.
collection_show_id False Displays the Collection ID alongside the collection name in the collection tree (Collection management and Search)
default_language en Default language for PDS
digital_certificate digital_certificate.pfx Name of the digital certificate file used for email signing. Stored in the operational shared directory
digital_certificate_password Password Password of the digital certificate used for email signing
digital_signature True Use of digital certificate to sign emails is permitted
dublincore_additional_namespaces   Additional Dublin Core namespaces for the Web editor. For example, add the following if you use namespaces in your descriptive metadata that are not standard dc or dcterms: xmlns:mods=""
email_regex (^([0-9a-zA-Z]([-.\w]*[0-9a-zA-Z])*@([0-9a-zA-Z][-\w]*[0-9a-zA-Z]\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,9})$)|\s* Regular expression validation rules for email addresses
embedded_mode_session_timeout number Session time-out in seconds
enforce_ar_export false Enforces Access Rights during IE export (Search and Web Editor UIs only
enforce_publishing_profile_constraints true Allow same MD format in multiple profiles only if converter, XSL and preservation type are same
export_ie_default_group_name string The default group name for the files and directories created by the IE export
export_ie_default_permissions Value in Posix or Octal notation The default permissions for the files and directories created by the IE export. Directories have an additional execute permission for group and
export_representation_packaging tar/none Defines if and how representations data is packaged when exporting an IE. Possible values: none for exporting without packaging,tar for packaging into a tar file (any other value is regarded as tar).
help_url Help page URL
installation_code DPS  
isbn_regex ISBN\x20(?=.{13}$)\d{1,5}([- ])\d{1,7}\1\d{1,6}\1(\d|X)$ Regular expression validation rules for ISBN strings in DPS
LOAD_SAVE_CDATA_BOOKMARKS false Set  this parameter to true when parsing and saving XML documents. When parsing, this option annotates the text fields in the store with CDataBookmark. When saving, this parameter saves the text fields annotated with CDataBookmark as CDATA XML text.

For more information, see Rosetta SP 8.1./HF Parameters Related to Handling of CDATA in Descriptive and DNX Fields.

max_sys_load_avg Default=0=no throttling System load average level above which SIPs will wait in queue.
For more information, see SIP Processing Throttling.
num_of_pages_per_paging 3 The number of previous/next pages that will be available in pagination mode. For example " << < 1 2 3 > >>", "<< < 5 6 7 > >>"
operational_shared @@dps.nfs.shared.all@@ Location of the operational shared directory
page_size 10 Number of list items displayed on the page.
phone_regex (((\s)*?\d(\s)*?-?)*(\d))?(\s)* Regular expression validation rules for phone numbers in DPS
postal_code_regex (((\s)*?\d(\s)*?-?)*(\d))?(\s)* Regular expression for validating the user's postal code
pronom_server_name URL for the format page in the Format library
statistic_anlyzer_period The accumulated number of events written before the statistic events process starts running. 1200
system_time_format HH:mm:ss The format in which time is presented in the system - Hours:minutes:seconds
url_regex ^http\://[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,3}(/\S*)?$ Regular expression validation rules for URL


This module contains parameters that define behavior of the menu.
Menu Parameters
Parameter Value Description
graph /mng/images Directory in which graphs used in reports are stored


This module contains parameters that define network settings, such as inactivity connection time-out.
Network Parameters
Parameter Value Description
external_read_timeout 10 Http read timeout in seconds (when reading from an input stream)
external_connection_timeout 10 Http open connection timeout in seconds (when establishing a connection to the host)


This module contains parameters that define Permanent Repository settings, such as the file storage system.
Repository Parameters
Parameter Value Description
build_missing_indexes True Build missing object indexes on server restart
dc_date_format dd/MM/yyyy Date format used for displaying dates in the dc:date fields
file_extension_blacklist string A regular expression for determining unacceptable file extension characters for file storage.
file_extension_denylist   A regular expression for determining unacceptable file extension characters for file storage. Files including an extension matching the expression are deposited into Rosetta; however, the extension is replaced with unknown. The file DNX preserve the original extension.
fulltext_storage_word_limit 10000 The number of full text words that are actually stored in Rosetta per content file
http_port 1801 The port that Rosetta is listening on for http requests
metadata_extraction_timeout_seconds 0 The number of seconds before metadata extraction times out
migration_tool_timeout_seconds 600 The number of seconds before the migration tool times out
oai_harvest_timeout_seconds 60 The number of seconds before the OAI harvesting request is considered timed-out.
run_virus_check_on_bitstream True Determines whether a virus check will be performed at the bitstream level
system_date_format dd/MM/yyyy Date format used for displaying dates in the Rosetta system user interface
tomcat_port 58821 The port that the Tomcat server is listening on
urn_fixed_length 5 Length for the URN number generated by the DOI plug-in


This module contains parameters that define Search settings.
Parameter Value Description
idx_load_balancer   Load balancer definition for the SOLR servers
index_supported_date_formats yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,yyyy-MM-dd,dd/MM/yyyy,dd-MMM-yyyy,yyyyMMdd HHmm,'c'yyyy'.', 'c'yyyy'-', 'p'yyyy'.', yyyy'.', yyyy']' The date format supported by the SOLR indexing
index_derivative_copies true/false Set to true to index derivative copy representations
search_max_number_of_columns 100 Number of columns displayed in the search UI
solr_server_capacity 30000000 The capacity of the SOLR server (number of files)
solr_commit_within 2000 The time interval between each commit of the SOLR indexing (in milliseconds)
search_results_splitter 10000 The bulk size of the export to Excel functionality
search_top_facets 5 max number of facets to display
max_facets_criteria 4 max allowed number of facet criteria
solr_port 8983 The port that the solr server is listening on (requires server restart)

SMTP Email

smtp_email Parameters
Parameter Value Description
use_email_smtp false  
email_smtp_port 587  
email_smtp_from Management Department <>  
email_smtp_pass **********  
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