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Working with the Rosetta Database

Connecting to the Database from UNIX

Administrators can connect to the Rosetta database installed on a UNIX machine.
To connect to the database:
  1. Log on to the UNIX machine on which the Rosetta database is installed.
  2. In the command line, type s+ followed by the name of the schema. For example: s+ shr00
s+ is an alias for sqlplus ${ORA_USER_PREFIX}!:1/`get_ora_passwd ${ORA_USER_PREFIX}!:1`). For more information on aliases, see Description of Aliases.

Changing the Database Schema’s Password

To change an existing schema’s password:
  1. Change the database schema’s password on the Oracle side by logging in to Oracle with the user exl_dba.
  2. For all application servers, perform the following:
    1. Stop the server using the dps_stop command.
    2. Run $dps_dev/system.dir/bin /rosettings.csh
    3. Select [4] Update database passwords.
    4. Enter new passwords when prompted.
    5. Run $dps_dev/system.dir/bin/
    6. Restart the server using the dps_start command.
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