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    Format Validator Library

    Introducing the Format Validator Library

    The purpose of the format validator library is to manage the format validator tools.
    The format validator library contains all of the format validators provided by Rosetta at the global library level. Rosetta also provides the means for institutions to use their own custom format validator to handle the intake of files. Such custom validators are treated as plug-ins and are then refined by the local library.

    List of Format Validators

    To access the format validator library, follow the path from the main roll-over menu: Preservation > Format Library > Format Validators. The List of Validators page opens with the Bundled tab selected. All validators listed are view-only.
    List of Validators, View-Only
    The validators are listed by name of validator and list the type of file (classification) that the validator works with. To view validators other than the ones present in the Bundled list, click the Custom tab.
    Any custom validators that your library has added (through a plug-in) appear in the list. For each validator, you can use the Assign/Unassign Classification action to link or unlink the validator to a classification group.
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