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    Risk Identifiers

    A Risk Identifier flags a perceived risk to the viability of a format. The risk may be a result of a format or format parameter becoming deprecated or obsolete (property‐ or tool‐driven).
    Risk Identifiers can be added to formats as describes in Risk Identifiers and Managing Local Risk identifiers.
    This section describes the Risk Identifiers library. From this area you can view the existing risk identifiers, add new risk identifiers, and add formats to risk identifiers.

    Viewing the List of Risk Identifiers

    You open the Risk Identifiers page by clicking Risk Identifiers (Preservation > Format Library > Risk Identifiers):


    List of Risk Identifiers
    The Risk Identifiers page displays information about the risk identifiers configured in Rosetta, including The name, a description, and, the risk type of the risk identifier and the formats with which it is associated. You can view, edit, and delete risk identifiers.
    Editing risk identifiers is only possible in the global format library.

    Adding Risk Identifiers

    You can add risk identifiers to Rosetta and add related formats to the risk identifiers in the same way you can from the Related Identifiers tab for a format. For information, see Managing Local Risk identifiers.
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