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How to enable oaDOI service on SFX

  • Product: SFX



Via SFX you can make use of the service.
This service has the potential to direct users to a free copy of an article that may otherwise be hidden, especially if it is an individual article in an institutional repository.
By using the oaDOI API, SFX checks if such a free copy is available and obtains the appropriate link to it.
The oaDOI service is provided by the ImpactStory team (

To enable the oaDOI service on your SFX

1. Activate the oaDOI target and its service on the target list on SFXAdmin

2. Optional:

  • Set a rule to only show the service if there is no other full text available.
    There is currently a rule (display logic) set to only show the service if there is no full text from publishers (non-aggregators) available.
    We strongly recommend to change this rule to only show the service if there is no full text at all available (not just aggregators).
    To do this:
    Go to SFXAdmin -> Menu configuration –> Display logic and change the appropriate display logic in the list
  • Add your email address to the API call (the provider will use it to track usage and contact you in case there is any problem).
    To do this:
    1. Go to commandline of your SFX instance
    2. add your email address to the configuration file oadoi.config in the config directory


Additional Information

Please refer to:  the SFX Target and Alma E-Collection Configuration.pdf




  • Article last edited: 29-Jan-2017