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    Why are there duplicate search results in Summon?

    • Product: Summon
    • Product Version: All Versions


    Why are there duplicate search results appearing in Summon?


    Summon receives records from a number of different sources.  As such, the Summon index frequently includes multiple records for the same item, but of disparate origins. 

    In such cases, Summon attempts to match and merge these records, based on the metadata of the records, so that duplicates do not appear in Summon search results (For more information about how this works, please see this page on the match and merge process). 

    However, because of discrepancies in metadata and in indexing practices, the metadata from records for the same item does not always align in a way that facilitates the match and merge process.  Duplicate search results in Summon are typically caused by these types of match and merge failures.

    If you discover a linking error among duplicate search results, please open a Support case; we will investigate the issue, and apply fixes as we are able. 

    Please note that Support does not actively investigate duplicate search results that link properly, and we do not make fixes to records uploaded to the Summon index by Summon clients.

    • Article last edited: 16-Jan-2017
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