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    Summon: Advanced Search Interface

    • Product: Summon

    How do we use the Advanced Search interface in the Summon service?

    How Advanced Search Works in Summon 2.0

    The Summon Advanced Search interface allows you to design searches that retrieve more focused results than basic keyword searches.

    Access Advanced Search by selecting Options in the search box:


    Use the Advanced Search interface to select search fields and incorporate the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT between search terms in you queries. Apply filters before executing a search to further refine your query and limit the search results returned, or expand your search to include items in CDI that are outside your library's collection.


    Boolean Operators In Advanced Search

    The Advanced Search screen relies on the Boolean drop-down menu for Boolean queries. For example, here is a search for items with the subject term blogs, authored by Lisa Smith:


    When applying Boolean operators to combine search terms in one box on the Advanced Search screen, Summon automatically applies parentheses around the terms. For example, a user interested in either college or university assessment could enter their query as:


    and Summon will automatically process the query as (college OR university) AND assessment.

    Summon also automatically applies parentheses when you select OR from the Boolean drop-down menu. For example, the above query could also be entered this way:


    The Add a row link SMN_AddRowIcon.png appears in all search rows except the first row and enables you to narrow your search by adding lines of search criteria (up to 20 lines).

    For additional information about the use of Boolean searches, see Boolean, Phrase, Wildcard and Proximity Searching.

    Fields in Advanced Search

    The following Summon fields are searchable via the Advanced Search interface:

    • All Fields (excludes Volume)
    • Author (includes Author and Corporate Author)
    • Title (includes Title, Subtitle, and Document Title Alternate)
    • Publication Title*
    • Subjects
    • Abstract
    • CODEN
    • Call Number
    • Dewey
    • DOI
    • ISBN
    • ISSN
    • Edition
    • Full Text
    • Genre
    • Geographic Locations
    • Issue
    • Notes
    • OCLC Number
    • Patent Number
    • Publisher
    • Series
    • Table of Contents
    • Time Period
    • Volume

    * Publication Title: Identifies the source (journal, newspaper, book, and so forth) of the item (journal article, newspaper article, book chapter, and so forth).

    See also Metadata Content and Search Fields in the Summon Index for more information about what is included in CDI and what is searched.

    Filtered and Expanded Results in Advanced Search

    Apply filters before executing a search to further refine or expand your query:

    • Dates published from and to: Use these fields to limit publication date to a specified range. Clicking on a field displays a calendar where you can select 1) a year, 2) a month and year, 3) a day, month, and year.

      You can also choose to not use the calendar and enter your own dates. Use the / character when entering a month or day. For example, a user in the United States would enter May 2012 as 05/2012 or 5/2012.

    • Show content type: Use this field to select one or more content types , such as Book / Ebook, Journal Article, Image, Video Recording, and so forth. Content types are limited to those which exist in your library collection.

    • Show only: Use these checkboxes to limit result to full text online, scholarly materials, peer reviewed materials, or items in your library's catalog.

    • Exclude these results: Use these checkboxes to exclude newspaper articles, book reviews, or dissertations from results.

    • Expand your results: Use this checkbox to expand the result set to items in CDI that are outside your library's collection.

    How to Customize Advanced Search

    Use the Settings page in the Summon Administration Console to enable or disable the following Advanced Search page features:

    • Dates published filter

    • Show Only: (Options can be enabled / disabled as a group or individually.)

      • Items with full text online

      • Scholarly materials, including peer-reviewed

      • Peer reviewed publications

      • Items in the library catalog (mostly print and physical material)

    • Exclude from results: (Options can be enabled / disabled as a group only.)

      • Newspaper articles

      • Book reviews

      • Dissertations/Theses

    • Expand your results: Include results from outside your library's collection

    For more information, see How to embed a direct link to the Advanced Search page and Basic Search. If you are interested in Boolean, Wildcard, or Proximity searching, click here.

    See also Metadata Content and Search Fields in the Central Discovery Index.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014

    • Last Edited Date: 15-Feb-2024

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