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    Summon: Administration Console: Content Ingestion Report

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    How can the Content Ingestion Report help my library monitor the records we provide for uploading into the Central Discovery Index?

    November 13, 2016 Update: Copy edits only; no changes to features/functionality.

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    The Content Ingestion Report is an optional report for libraries that provide us with records for a local collection such as the library's catalog. The report provides feedback on the success and failures of records during processing and loading into CDI. If you choose to receive the report, you will receive the Content Ingestion Report after a set of records have been processed. For records that failed during processing, the report provides information about the errors encountered and what you can do to correct the issues and re-submit the records.

    Further details are in the below sections. Click on a link to jump to that section.

    Report Details

    The report includes:

    • Number of records processed

    • Number of erros encountered

    • Error types and what you can do to correct the issue and re-submit the record(s)

    • A text file containing the first 100 records that generated errors and will not upload into CDI

    Below are the four error types and what you can do to correct them:

    • If the records originate in a non-XML format, use the Contact Us menu above to get assistance from our Support team.

    Error Type Description How to Correct the Issue

    Title Validation Error

    A title could not be found in the record.

    • Add a title to the MARC/XML record and re-submit as an update. For MARC records, the title needs to be in the 245 field.

    • If the record should not have produced this error, use the Contact Us menu above so our Support team can assist in correcting the mappings for this collection.

    Invalid Encoding Error

    Unrecognized character(s) were found in the record.

    • The record in the report displays the character anywhere an unrecognized character was found. Correct the encoding errors and re-submit as an update.

    • For MARC records, consider using a MARC editing tool such as MarcEdit.

    Invalid Structure Error

    An invalid XML structure was found and therefore could not be mapped into the Summon schema.

    This pertains to XML records you have provided, and also records in other formats that we must convert to XML prior to data loading.

    • Correct the structure of the XML and re-submit as an update.

      • Consider using an XML Validator to check the syntax of the XML. Many validators are available online, such as the validator from w3schools.

    Internal Processing Error

    An error occurred that cannot be classified as one of the error types above.

    • ProQuest will address these errors through system improvements, data analysis, or other methods. We use these errors to help identify patterns that may help indicate improvements that maybe needed to our systems and processes. Because of the nature of these errors, we do not track, resolve, or report on them on an individual basis.

    The report is emailed to you after completing the processing of records. If your library provides us with records for more than one local collection, you can identify which collection the report pertains to by viewing the body of the email:

    Content Ingestion Report email

    If errors were encountered while processing a set of records, the email will include a text file containing the relevant records. One exception is when a record is not retrievable due to the severity of the errors encountered. A maximum of 100 records per error type (see table above) will be provided.

    The records processed successfully will be available to Summon users when CDI is updated. Updating CDI is a separate process from the actual record processing described above. The status of CDI is available here.

    Viewing the Records That Encountered Errors

    Use the text file attached to your Content Ingestion Report email to view the records that encountered errors.

    If you save the file to your computer and open it in a web browser, you will see the records arranged by error type. For example, below is an example indicating one record encountered an Invalid Encoding error. Below such header information is the actual record.

    text file

    If 50 records encountered an Invalid Encoding error, all 50 records would display in the above section of the text file. Note that the system is able to include up to 100 records per error type.

    Turning the Report ON/OFF in the Summon Administration Console

    Use the Content Ingestion page in the Summon Administration Console to turn the report on and start receiving it.

    By default the report is off, and there are no subscribers listed for your institution:

    Content Ingestion page in Admin Console

    Select the Content ingestion report enabled checkbox to enable the report so that subscribers will receive the report when records have been processed.

    To add you or a colleague to the list of subscribers, use the Add email field and click Save. The email address will then display below in the Subscriber List section. Within minutes, the system will recognize the new subscriber and that person will receive the next report that is generated.

    • Note that the checkbox mentioned above must be selected, otherwise subscribers will not receive the report.

    A subscriber can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link next to the subscriber s email address.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    If I choose to receive the Content Ingestion Report, when is it sent to me?

    The report is automatically sent after completing the processing of records. If your library provides us with records for more than one collection and records for two or more collections were processed within a few minutes of each other, you may receive one email with report details for the multiple sets of records processed.

    Can I receive the report for some but not all of our local collections?

    Currently you cannot, if you subscribe to the Content Ingestion Report you will receive the report for all local collections.

    Can I receive the report notification email in my local language?

    Currently the email is only available in English.

    Why am I receiving a report for 360 MARC?

    If your library subscribes to 360 MARC Updates and Summon automatically processes eResource records based on the holdings in your Intota or Client Center profile, you will receive a Content Ingestion Report for these 360 MARC eResource records. If a Title Validation, Invalid Encoding, or Invalid Structure Error does appear on the report, please use the Support Portal (accessible from the More Sites menu above) to contact us so that we can view the errors and have our catalogers address any issues.

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