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    System Administration: Creating an Input File for Bulk Export

    Created By: Kurt Wagner
    Created on: 5/15/2019

    [This article was copied from the Voyager Wiki.]

    I wanted to run Bulk Export on a set of bib records that had a particular MARC field with particular text in it. First, I created a query that would produce a set of BIB_ID numbers for the desired records, then I ran Pmarcexport using the M parameter (MARC ID input filename).

    [People] said to create a query that would pull the BIB_ID of the records I'm interested in. Here is the query I used - kept as simple as possible.



    WHERE (((GetFieldAll(GetBibBlob([BIB_TEXT]![BIB_ID]),"947")) Like "*GAPTAPE*") AND ((BIB_ITEM.ADD_DATE) Between [Choose start date] And [Choose end date]));


    This let me get a list of BIB_IDs with the desired MARC tag/contents with an add date in the range I wanted.

    Simple. I ran it and got a string of BIB_IDS. I futzed around with trying to export it and that didn't work very well. Instead, working in my Access query results window I selected Edit>Select All. Copy to clipboard, open up Notepad and saved as a text file there. 6470 records in a 51KB file. It's only the BIB_ID numbers.

    I brought that over to /m1/voyager/xxxxxdb/sbin and then ran the export like this:

    Pmarcexport -rB -mM -tgaptape.txt

    Just checked everything and it looks like it worked fine. The extract ran in 2 seconds. Pretty simple as well, and I'm most definitely still learning the ropes.


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