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ANA: Unable to filter by Bib Medium

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Voyager
  • Product Version: 8.1.0

Issue number: 16384-19569 / VYG-4582
Module: Voyager Analyzer
Server platform affected: tested on Linux
Browser & version: IE 7

Releases replicated in: 8-8.1
Last version without bug: 7.2

Expected results:
To be able to filter on Cataloging package>Bib Medium>Bib Medium in Query Studio.

Actual results:
Users are presented with date/time options when filtering on Bib Medium.

Workflow implications: Unable to filter on Bib Medium in query studio.

Replication steps:
1. Open Query Studio
2. Select Cataloging Package
3. Add Bib Id from [Presentation Layer].[Bib Medium].[Bib ID]
4. Add Bib Medium from [Presentation Layer].[Bib Medium].[Bib Medium]
5. Highlight Bib Medium
6. Select Filter
7. You are presented with the option to filter by date, but the data in this field is a single character.

VYG-4582 is resolved in Voyager 9.0.0 and higher.

  • Article last edited: 3/18/2014