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    Add a New Location to Voyager

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All


    How to add a new location that can be used in different Voyager modules?


    • Use the checklist in Additional Information to add a new location to Voyager.
    • Configure only those modules which will use the new location -- i.e., SysAdmin > Security > Acquisitions Profiles and SysAdmin > Acquisitions > Policy Definitions configurations are necessary if intend to use the location in Acquisitions.

    Additional Information

    Five major areas in which to make changes:

    1. System Administration > System
    2. System Administration > Security
    3. System Administration > [Module]
    4. Acquisitions > Ledgers and Funds
    5. Primo (if applicable)


    1. System Administration > System
      1. Locations > New (required)
        1. Code
        2. Name
        3. Owning Library
      2. Location Limit Groups (optional) > Edit or Add > Locations
      3. Print Locations (optional; only if new location changes default and/or global print locations) > Edit or Add
        1. Code
        2. Name
        3. Select Default and Global Printing Location(s)
    2. System Administration > Security (required)
      1. Master Profiles > [operator profile's master profile] > Edit or Add > Locations
      2. Module Profiles
        1. Module [Acquisitions/Serials, Cataloging, Circulation] Profiles > Edit or Add > Locations
        2. Repeat for all modules which need access to this location
    3. System Administration > [Modules] (optional; required only for modules where new location will be used)
      1. Circulation
        1. Policy Definitions > Edit or Add > Locations. If this is a happening or pick up location, check appropriate boxes.
        2. Request Groups (to include the new location in a request group) > Edit or Add > Locations
      2. Acquisitions
        1. Policy Definitions > Edit or Add > Locations.
        2. If this is an order/claim/pay or receive location, check appropriate boxes.
      3. Cataloging
        1. Policy Definitions > Edit or Add > Locations.
        2. Select rules that apply to new location.
      4. Call Slip (optional)
        1. Queues > Edit or Add > Values. Select values to apply for the new location (if any)
        2. Rules > Edit or Add. Select values to apply for the new location. Set Rules order
    4. Acquisitions (optional; only if using in Acquisitions/ordering materials for new location)
      1. Note that location must be added to Acquisitions Security Profile and Acquisitions Policy Definition first.
      2. Acquisitions > Ledgers and Funds > Search Ledgers > Edit or Add > Locations.
    5. Primo (if applicable): see Add New ILS Location to Primo Library Codes
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