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    AutoUpdate to 9.1.0 results in run-time error 53 : File not found

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9

    Problem Symptoms

    • AutoUpdate to 9.1.0 successful from Voyager 9.0.0.
    • AutoUpdate to 9.1.0 fails with "Run-time error 53: file not found" if clients AutoUpdated from pre-9.0.0 version


    Name of AutoUpdate executable changed for compatibility with Windows in Voyager 9.0.0.


    Update the name of AutoUpdate executable for client install.

    1. On PC, open folder {client install folder}/System
    2. Find VerUpdate.exe
    3. Right-click on VerUpdate.exe > Rename
    4. Name file VoyDownload.exe
    5. Save change.
    6. AutoUpdate clients.

    Additional Information

    • Name of executable changed due to security changes made by Microsoft in Windows 7 and Windows 8.
    • Will need to follow steps to implement this change only once - future AutoUpdate will then have correct filename to work with.

    With increased security of Windows systems, AutoUpdate has become increasingly problematic to implement and support. In some environments it no longer works.  Support recommends you consider different options/methods for installing new clients.

    • Article last edited: 15-Oct-2014
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