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    BULK: Blanks in Order tab result in import failure

    • Article Type: Known Issue
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.0
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Total Care; Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local


    * If remove non-required mapping from the Orders tab with the Delete key, imports using that rule will fail with
    Linux: "/tmp/Pdobulkimport.<PID.datestamp>: line 2: <PID>: Memory fault(coredump)
    Solaris: "/tmp/Pdobulkimport.<PID.datestamp>[2]: <PID> Segmentation Fault(coredump)

    Defect Status

    Issue VYG-5101 is resolved for Voyager 9.1.0 and higher.


    Replace mapping with a space rather than using Delete.
    Set profile to option that does not create POs, Save rule. Then open to edit & reset to create POs - this clears the Orders tab & you can re-enter the data for the rule.

    Additional Information

    Replication steps:

    1. SysAdmin > Cataloging > Bulk Import Rules, create a rule set to Multiple Mfhds that will create POs.
    2. Fill in required data in the Orders tab plus one or two additional data points (e.g., tag to map for Notes)
    3. Save & run the import rule. Voyager will run the rule.
    4. Open rule again and remove the field mapping for the additional data point (e.g., Notes) using the Delete key.
    5. Save & run the import rule. Import fails with "Memory fault(coredump)"
    Additional information:
    • Same conditions for Single MFHD rule do not result in error - import runs.
    • On 8.2.0 and 8.2.1, the import fails with the replication steps above, but does not throw the coredump error message - the import log simply stops after printing the orders location in the header.

    Category: Batch jobs

    • Article last edited: 10/16/2014