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    BULK: Records are not keyword indexed

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9

    Problem Symptoms

    • After Bulk Importing records, cannot find with keyword search.
    • When viewing Titles Index containing imported records, Full Title, Author and Date are empty
    • Resaving record populates Titles Index fields
    • Import log (log.imp*) has message at end:

    On Voyager 9.0.0:
    WARNING: Keyword indexes are out of sync.

    Run the REGEN utility with the following options enabled:

    On Voyager 9.1.0 and higher:
    WARNING: Keyword indexes have not been updated. Records
    can be found with headings and left-anchored

    To index for keyword searching, please run a
    keyword regen via the util menu or using
    the standard Cert 300 regen instructions.


    In Voyager 9.0.0 and higher, the BulkImport default is to import records without keyword indexing, unless otherwise specified (see Additional Information).


    A keyword regen will index the records. Open a Case with Voyager Support to request a regen during Support hours, or run a regen any time using the UTIL menu:

    1. On the Voyager server, open the UTIL menu for your xxxdb:
      1. dlib xxxdb
      2. util
    2. Type I for Index Maintenance option.
    3. Follow the prompts for Regenerate keyword files for xxxdb (option K).


    • A keyword regen puts your catalog into read-only mode. Searching can continue, but no records can be updated while the regen is in progress.
    • Circulation activity can continue uninterrupted during the keyword regen.

    See: UTIL Menu: Running a keyword regen

    Or, if the record set is relatively small and can be put into a GDC Record Set easily, a GDC Index Job can keyword index the imported records. See GDC: Purpose of GDC Reindexing job?

    Additional Information

    If you wish to have keyword indexing done at the time of the import:

    • In WebAdmin, check the box for "Generate Keyword Index? Default is no keyword index generated"
    • At the command line, add parameter: -KADDKEY


    • Article last edited: 20-Sep-2018
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